Ways In Which Your Selfie Can Affect Your Life Insurance

Everyone is now guilty of taking selfie, and you find 2 out of 3 people making that spout face, just to get that single photo. However, thanks to the modernized technology and its usage, you can easily get to show more than what you have expected. Recent studies have indicated that a new technology from Lapetus in North Carolina easily cuts down the time you used to get for life insurance.

More about the technology:

This technology is known as Chronos. Karl Ricanek creates it. This technology uses facial analytics along with bio demography for telling you how well or fast someone is again. And that’s going to affect your life insurance to a great extent. For approving your chosen life insurance policy, or to know more about the amount associated with the said policy, the insurance companies are determined to look at how fast you are aging. In case, you are aging faster, it becomes risker for them to insure your life through the insurance policy.

Follows a simple work methodology:

Now, you might have one question, popping up right in your mind and that has to be associated with Chronos. It is associated with the working methodology of this segment, designed to act in your favor. The ways it works is quite simple and the insurers are asked to follow the norms, as it has been mentioned under step by step formulation.

For the first stop, you are asked to take a picture or rather a selfie. After that, it is time for you to upload that picture for analyzing your face. A trained and experience insurer is going to analyze face. It is time for the said Chronos technology to scan the facial lines, along with dark spots and contours for determining how fast or well you are aging. Moreover, it has also be said that the photo has to be 100% original, and without any form of filter of Photoshop usage.

Clever than you think:

Now, with the advent of this invention, insurance companies are becoming more careful than ever before fishing out the insurance policy for the uses. However, it is mandatory for you to know that the technology has been designed in the most proper manner. So, if the borrower has filtered his photo or have Photoshop it to look young, then this technology will be able to get that. Therefore, using these norms just to get your insurance policy approved is not going to work at all.

Technology for capturing perfect image:

The reliable insurance companies have the best technology, which can capture image and scan it for verifying the image. It can even verify whether the photo has been altered using any mechanism or by applying a filter. If it does that then the picture will be removed from the list, and you won’t get your life insurance approved by the team.

It takes not more than 10 minutes for the insurance company to inform you about the current status of your life insurance policy. Most of the insurance companies are now testing this medium for better result.

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