Waymo Is Set To Release Driverless Cars For The General Public Soon

It was in the December 2016, when Waymo came out to be an autonomous car development firm by from Google’s parent company. After coming into existence, the first thing it did is to work on the self-driving car project. The primary mission of this project is to make it easy and safe for people to move around and reach onto destination, on time. Recently, there are multiple car types in the market with the self-driving equipment, and it all started with Waymo, being the founder of the lot.

More about the driverless car:

It was on December 23rd, when Google first announced the first and fully functional driverless car. It was all set and ready to be testing on public roads. Before that, some of the internet giants developed multiple prototypes, which lacked on various functional and fundamental aspects. The latest prototype from Google’s parent company has all the major elements, which can provide a safe and secure drive anywhere the client wants.

Starting from steering to brakes and even headlights, this car can work in multiple ways. Not only that, but the company even created a self-driving system. It works with sensors and computers, which can be easily fitted to multiple SUVs. The Lexus has this system already and is ravishing the automobile industry with its easy features.

Increase the road safety:

This latest technology of self-driving is not just important for saving manual labor, but has some added benefits to it, as well. It is going to be a breakthrough during those tough traffic congestions. On the other hand, the sensing technology further helps in increasing current road safety to an all-new level. Some of the countries around the world are working on laws, while will allow driverless cars to cover the roads.

Successful road testing:

It was in the month of august 2016, when first testing of driverless cars came into being. These cars traveled total 170,000 miles. Among these areas covered, the cars worked around 126,000 miles in an autonomous manner. Till June 2016, Google has already test driven these vehicles in autonomous mode and have covered a total of 1,725,911 mi.

On the record:

Recent studies have indicated that by the beginning of 2017, these cars have covered a total of 636,868 miles in the autonomous modes. In the year 2012, some vehicles were tested with the self-driven equipment. Each had a drier with unblemished records and in passenger seat were engineers from Google. And by the end of May 2015, this fleet consisted mainly of 23 Lexus SUVs. It shows that the self-driven cars have become a great popular medium of transportation for maximum people, these days.

Google founder, in the year 2012, declared that these self-driving cars from Google will be available to general public in the year 2017. Later, this schedule was updated in 2014 to indicate a possible release between 2012 to 2020. Google further partnered with multiple suppliers and contacted manufacturers for a bigger release. Currently, Google has partnered with manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen for the released cars.

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