Top 4 Ways to Use Your Basement as Living Space

Basements are good for more than housing water heaters or serving as catch-alls for anything you want to store. They can be transformed into beautiful and functional living spaces. If you are wondering what could be done with the basement, consider these four ideas. One of them is bound to make life around the house a little easier.

Additional Bedroom 

Growing families need more space. Specifically, there must be more room to sleep. You can manage this by moving to a larger home or adding another room to the home. Before you consider either of those options, think about remodeling the basement into an additional bedroom.

You will find that the cost associated with transforming Richmond Hill basements into bedrooms is more affordable than adding another room onto the structure. It’s certainly less trouble than finding a larger house and going through the hassle of selling your present property. With the help of a professional, the basement will be ready for a family member to occupy in just a week or so. 

Game Room 

Have you dreamed of a space for a pool table? Do you like the idea of a room where you can set up for your favorite board or card games any time you like? Perhaps it would be nice to set up play stations where the kids can play all their favorite video games under the watchful eye of an adult.

Converting a basement into a game room is not that difficult. Along with cosmetic touches, make sure the lighting and a reasonable number of outlets are positioned for maximum function. Everyone will have a lot of fun in the space as the years pass.

Craft Room 

How many times have you used the dining room table for a craft project and had to shove everything into a closet at meal time? Creating a craft room in the basement means your projects can remain in place all the time. All the supplies can be kept on shelves, in drawers, and on spindles so they are within easy reach. Best of all, you can stop in the middle of a project and leave everything on the table. When you have more time, it’s easier to go to the craft room and pick up where you left off.

Guest Suite

Weekend company is fine, but finding a place for them to sleep can be problematic. Many homeowners convert basements in Mississauga into guest suites. Along with having room for a comfortable bed, you can add a sitting area and even a private bath to the space. Your family members still sleep in their own beds and your guests have their own private area for the duration of the stay. 

Take a good look at the basement today and consider how you could put the space to better use. Call a contractor and go over a few ideas. By this time next month, you could have new living space that makes your house into more of a home.

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