Teen Talaq And Halala: What Really Needs To Be Done

Every religion has its own sets of rules and regulations, and people willingly follow the norms. However, there are mixed controversies, applicable to all religions and some of their noteworthy rule. Muslim community houses some such rules, which are pin-head to controversies. Some are well sorted out among individuals, and others are up for some amendments. One such option has to be this teen Talaq or the Triple Talaq case.

More about this case:

As per religious norms, Muslim men have the right to divorce their wives by pronouncing the word “talaq” three times. No one is going to ask the women about their consents and by just pronouncing these terms, the men can easily divorce their partners. Now, this rule is quite unconstitutional. People don’t have control over their anger. So, while in rage, if a man pronounces talaq three times, that can hamper the relationship completely and end it right away. Now, things have improved a lot over the past couple of years and Supreme Court took a great turn over this unconventional method of teen talaq.

Notes from the judges:

As per the jurisdiction, the divorce of the three divorces in this Muslim system is termed as illegal, invalid and unconstitutional. 3 out of 5 judges approved this reasoning. The ban was first practiced for 6 months. Now, the judges tried terminating this law completely and it finally came into action. Now, Muslim man don’t have the power to just divorce his wife with teen talaq note and even if tries it, this will be considered invalid.

Now for the halala:

Even though triple talaq is now under control, but there is another important point, which is cropping up these days. That has to be Nikah Halala. If you consider the results then halala is more dangerous than teen talaq. As per this method, a Muslim man can divorce a wife twice. But, if he wants to marry her for the third time, then the wife has to marry another man first, consummate the marriage and then get a divorce from current husband to remarry the former one.

In this instance, the new husband either dies or divorces the woman willingly. It is only after that, the wife is allowed to remarry the former husband.

The real deal:

The internet is loaded with multiple articles on halala with some working against this norm and some for it. Maximum Muslim population works as per the Sharia law. This religious law governs the members of Islamic faith. It is derived from religious precepts of Islam, mainly Hadith and Quran.

Now, a latest newsfeed is revolving the market, which clearly states that the abhorrent practice of Halala is not quite sanctioned in Quran. So, practicing this ritual is not quite associated with the faith and religious belief of the Muslim community.

From the points mentioned above, it can be clearly stated that teen talaq an halala are two of the most popular and dangerous laws, which are likely to be abolished as fast as possible for the safety of Muslim community.

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