Taking Care Of Women’s Health During Menstrual

Reaching the age of puberty always call for some serious changes in a woman’s body. It calls for menstrual cycle, which is associated with a major part of the womanhood. Staying healthy and clean at that point of time is mandatory, and for that, learning some steps is even more important.  Majority of women go through periods quite secretively, and fail to bother whether the practices are hygienic or not. Some women might even wear same napkin the entire day, especially women with monetary restriction. It is not just considered unhygienic but unhealthy for your body, as well.

Avoid using reusable cloth:

Even though this is not a practice among urban women, but rural people are still going for the reusable cloth. They are not quite acquainted with the concept of sanitary napkins. Even if they are, still the high price of these napkins is making them unbearable for women of poor class. But, no matter whatever is the cause, some women are still relying on these reusable clothes, which are unhygienic and perfect solution for bacteria to go and invade your private parts. So, it is more than important for you to get rid of those problems, once and for all.

Choose the methods first:

If you really want to pay much attention to sanitation, then you might want to be aware of the methods first. There are multiple ways, used for covering blood flow during menstrual cycle. You have tampons, sanitary napkins and even menstrual cups, designed for the women out here. In case, you are planning to go for the tampon usage, then it is mandatory for you to choose the one with lowest absorbency rate. Women generally like to choose multiple forms of sanitary napkins and tampons for covering days of periods. Be sure of the options available, and make your decisions accordingly.

Have to change regularly:

It does not matter whether you are using pad or tampon; you have to change it on a regular basis. Not only regularly, but after every few hours. Menstrual blood has the tendency to containment with innate organisms of your body. So, it is important for you to change the used pads from time to time, which will prevent growth of that organism and avoid any unhygienic condition for your body. If you fail to do so, then you are likely to come across multiple unwanted conditions like vaginal infections, urinary tract infection and even skin rashes, which are no doubt unwanted.

Do not use vaginal products:

It is better to cancel usage of soaps or vagine hygiene products when on period. Vagina consists of a natural cleaning mechanism, and it works perfectly and in fine valance of bad and good bacteria. So, if you are trying to kill it using soap or other hygienic washes, then that might hamper the balance. So, it is time for you to use warm water. You can further use soap on external parts, but that does not touch the vulva or vagina. Make sure to keep these points in mind to work on menstrual hygiene, which can affect women’s health well.

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