Polo Shirt: A Perfect Substitute For Wearing A Tie And A Cool Summer Wear Beneath Suits

During those hot and sultry summer months, wearing polo shirt is what you need to be aware of. It is during such times, when you are planning to wear suit but don’t feel like decking all up with tie and all. Wearing a polo shirt beneath the suit can prove to be a great deal of help. A polo shirt is necessary in a man’s wardrobe, just to accentuate the value of the looks more.

Some of the style gods have further stated that a man’s Polo shirt is a perfect substitute for those shirts, which needs to be decked up with matching tie, before putting on the suit. It is rather claustrophobic in this highly humid condition and might not be a perfect wear for those long and tiring office hours.

Giving a chiller vibes:

A polo shirt is likely to provide a chiller vibes. And wearing one with the help of tipped collar is likely to work as an added bonus. It mainly takes place of a necktie, and prevents you from wearing one. That will definitely free you from surrounding the neck top with buttons and a tie around, for providing that formal look of yours.

On the other hand, contrasts stripes or piping along the edge of the collar can be termed as stylish tie surrogates. That helps in adding that extra punch of color to the entire look along with some designer touches to it. That helps in adding a dash of color to the barren form of menswear.

Perfect counterpart for all:

These polo shirts with vibrant colored designs can act as the perfect counterpart of any other pants or jeans. It can be perfect attire for your office or can be great apparel for that outdoor summer get together with family or friends. You can even get the liberty to flaunt this dress at your recent wedding occasion. You can even wear it when you are trying to impress a girl on your first date.

Remember that you have every right to choose colorful polo shirts for your use. Those do not always have to be of darker shades as the tradition goes. You can even opt for some light colored hues especially to cover that hot and humid summer condition. So, be sure to pick up the right color of your Polo shirt, which must match with the complexion, as well.

Available in cotton pique:

Unlike other forms of shirts, polo ones are made out of textured cotton pique. These are banding at waist and arms and are even cut slim for that perfect fit. These shirts are so famous these days that you will find a separate section of polo shirts, designed for women, as well. The texture and quality remains the same with a bit of difference in the shape, to master those curves. There might be a slight change in the color, as well.

No matter whatever is your choice, you should try to pre-set a budget, before you happen to buy one for your use. The more you research, the better you will come across.

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