Parents Need To Know About Some Online Games Their Children Are Playing

Parents are cordially invited to take a step forward to look what children are doing over the internet, under the veils to playing online games. Well, yes, they are playing games only, but re those good for them. Nowadays, working parents hardly get the time to present their kids with some fun-filled moments, which leave the little ones to explore the vast world of internet. Most of these online games are good and help them to learn something new about their lives, but there is one particular game, which needs to be banned as soon as possible.

Banning the Blue Whale game:

This Blue Whale game, when first hit the internet, was designed to be a perfect game for the players, But, it just took few days for the people to realize the grave danger it holds. This game is simple but comes with some serious challenges.  Here, the player will be given a separate task each day for 50 days straight. And the players have to play the game in proper steps and complete the task. After completing, they have to show a photographic proof to the gaming zone of completion of the task.

At first, these tasks were easy like watching a horror movie, waking at the middle of the night and so on. However, at the game progresses, the steps start to become even more difficult. And in the last step, this game advices the players to commit suicide. Now, those who are addicted to this game from the core do not think twice before taking their lives. And recent studies have indicated that this game took 130 lives of youngsters, solely in Russia.

Recent update on this game:

After this dreadful history of this game, it has been banned from anyone’s usage. Some says that once they have downloaded the game, it will stay in the history of the phone and it becomes quite difficult to get rid of it. However, this is not the case, as Google and IOS platforms will not allow entering any of such entities which cannot be removed as per the players’ requirements. But, no one can deny the devastating rule of this game and reasons are enough to prove why it should be banned.

Stay close to your kids:

But, this game does not stop your little ones from trying their hands in playing a round of online games. There are loads of other interesting online games available, suitable for them to gain knowledge and information about the services. It is always important for you to learn more about the games, before it gets too late.

Being a parent,it is your duty to take a close look at your children and what they have in store as online games. You can try checking and double crossing the game first to see if it is ok for them to play. Once you have taken a close call, you can rely on them to use it and get the desired results now. Just be sure to keep your eyes wide open and check on your kids, from time to time.

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