Militants Are Infiltrating Afghan Schools With Taliban Teachers

Whenever the afghan teachers are forced to give good marks to the mediocre students, the pressure generally comes from the Taliban and not from the disgruntled parents. In some parts of the eastern Afghanistan, militants are trying hard to intimidate teachers and forcing them to let older boys pass the exams, even when they are performing low. These boys mainly fight with Taliban. This is hampering the entire educational system of this place and nothing seems to stop this pressure, at all. On the other hand, with passing time, this pressure keeps on growing and the sufferers are none but the teachers.

Pressuring teachers for the sake of number

Not just for presenting them with pass marks, but the insurgents are even pressurizing teachers to not mark absent even if the students are not in class. Most of these students spend their time on frontline and cannot get the time to attend classes. Despite such a position, teachers are forced to mark them present.

However, the unfortunate point is that not all teachers are in need of coercing. Some of them are active members of Taliban and swapping chalk for the Kalashnikovs, after completing the lessons of that particular class. They ensure to procure salary from the Afghan Government.

Actively interfering with the educational system:

As per some of the educators of this educational system, the Taliban are actively interfering with the education system, which is definitely not a good sign. In some parts of the Kunar province and those areas, which are under heavy Taliban influence, this interference keeps on growing. Here, the insurgents are further introducing some of their own members in the post of teachers and even threatening to close some government aided schools, if they do not work with their requirements.

Some are Taliban fighters:

Some of these teachers are Taliban fighters. There were some instances, when they entered the class with weapons. In the afternoon, these teachers went back to fight for the government. Most of the time, they do not issue their own curriculum but make sure to inspect the course materials. In some parts of the Logar province, they were even seen to torn pages reportedly from books which generally portrayed historical figures, which they disagreed with. They are even casting progressive leaders as the main heroes and even stating conservatives to be foes. This is likely to hamper the entire educational system and corrupting the young minds, as well.

Afghan government in dilemma:

This current infiltration of the educational service is putting afghan government into a dilemma position. They are trying hard for the students to get some education. However, the Afghan education ministry has clearly denied the charges that any teachers on its payroll were affiliated with Taliban.

Now, it is entirely up to the intelligence service to see whether any teachers are associated with the Taliban or not. It is not entirely on them to get to the core of this matter and come across some positive result. However, no matter whatever the result is, the end lies with proper educational system and its values.

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