Manchester City To Talk With Tottenham For Moving Kyle Walker Over

Manchester City is all set to start taking with Tottenham over the current potential signing of none other than Kyle Walker. This news was as procured straight from Sky sources. Well, the Sky Sports New HQ can very well understand this current approach of Manchester City and the result is likely to come out earlier of this week. This is going to take place followed the international game of England against France, which took place on Tuesday.

Another recent newsfeed has recently stated that Manager Pep Guardiola is quite confident if landing the present right back of England and further plans to strike deal for a little bit more than 40 million pounds, as the basic calls for. This deal is no doubt quite expensive and will come up with loads of controversies around here.

Straight from Tottenham:

Tottenham was the one who gave Walker that chosen five years of contract, which was to be held last September. He was said that Tottenham is not quite under pressure when it comes to selling the 27 years old. Furthermore, he is said to understood the current value of Walker, which is somewhat around 50 million pounds.

Well, Manchester city is sure unaware of any kind of increment in the valuation of Spurs, which was stated to be surrounding around 60 million pounds. Multiple newspapers have cited this amount, over the past weekend. That clearly proves the accuracy of the Spurs’ number, as mentioned around here.

Quite relaxed about the feature:

Another newsfeed from Sky sources clearly stated that Walker is relaxed when it comes to his future. He is not at all agitated for moving away from the said City club. This is the place where he dedicated 8 years of his life. Therefore, it is surely a place, where he has some warm and soft feelings. Leaving this temple spurred multiple questions in people’s mind. They were waiting for certain outburst from Walker, but that’s not what he had in mind.

Unhappy for particular reason:

Well, Walker might feel relaxed but that calls for some unhappy feelings in his mind, for sure. He was quite unhappy for not being selected for any particular games, when it comes to the end of season. It was the result hen manager Mr. Mauricio Pochettino replaced him and rotated him with yet another Kieran Trippier.

At present, Trippier is not working against Walker for the right back role of England. He was also known to have improved right from the time when the season progressed. His hard work has also proven him to be the first hand choice, when it comes to Spurs position selection, right away.

Temping Walker right now:

At present, City is trying to tempt Walker to Etihad. For that, they are trying to make him book for the primary right back. Guardiola has further made some full backs as his first-hand priority this simmer. He has further registered some interests in left backs of Ryan Bertrand of Southampton and Monaco’s Benjamin Mendy. These changes are definitely going to mark some values when it comes to game changing rules.

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