Some Healthy Junk Foods To Be Added In Your Diet Plan

You are working hard to lose those unwanted accumulated fatty molecules from your body. Those hardcore exercising regimes and healthy diet plans are taking most of your time. It might prove to be difficult at first, but with growing time, your body will get a hang of it. However, sometimes, you need a cheat day in between your healthy diet routines. You might want to crave for those yummy chocolate cakes or junk food items, which you have buried deep within your mind and soul.

Fortunately, there are some healthy junk foods available, which can be a perfect substitute to those oily pizza and burger. You might be thinking that the terms “healthy” and “junk” never go hand in hand. Well, in some cases, it does, and this article will exactly show you that.

The fruit loops are always in:

How about starting your day in the sweetest manner possible and something not quite similar to lukewarm water and lemon? Well, for that, you might want to get along with fruit loops from Kellogg’s as a perfect breakfast cereal.

This might not be exactly the healthy food you have been waiting for, but can have similar fiber to sugar ratio when compared to some healthy alternatives. These fruit loops even have fewer calories when compared to other cereals. So, you can easily dive right into it sometimes, when you are bored with those green salads and vegetables.

Oven bakes chips:

Well, age is not a limit when it comes to Lay’s chips. Everyone loves it, no matter how young or old you are. But, unfortunately, if you are on a diet, these chips are absolute no-no for your body. Therefore, the branded chip manufacturing company came up with the cool idea of presenting oven-baked chips for those, who are on a diet.

As the name suggested, these potato slices are baked in oven with the perfect seasoning on top. So, your body is not going to come in direct contact with oil, even when you are munching on your favorite chips. Try to keep it within limit, as potatoes are not quite good for maintaining a slim and trim body.

Chip dip is here:

Now, just to make the oven baked chips a bit tastier than before, you have best chip dip, in pepper and black bean flavor. Now, you have the liberty to skip chemical-laden gunk and just open a bottle of this desert pepper hot dip sauce. This jar is jam-packed with a proper trio of nutritional ingredients. It comprises of black beans, green bell peppers and tomatoes, along with an addition of delicious taste. What else can you ever ask for!

Some cookies for you:

For all the sweet tooth out there, Newman got some good news for you. It is proud to present the best cookie filled with chocolate filling and can turn out to be a great part of your weight loss program. This cookie uses a moderate amount of sugar and oil, and much less than Oreo. So, if you want to cheat some days, this cookie can be your partner in crime.

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