Cory Greenwood Will Not Be Able To Play Grey Cup 2017 For ACL Surgery

Well, the Edmonton Eskimos really felt a deep blow in the first week of their training camp for the upcoming Grey Cup 2017. The most promising and high profile offseason player, Cory Greenwood is not likely to play a single game of this season. And this report was procured from Jack Haskins. Well, Cory had a big plan for this upcom9ng 2017 season, but god might not be with him this year. These plans of Mr. Greenwood now have been scrapped or even more accurately, postponed.

The Edmonton Eskimos finally signed for the Canadian linebacker in the present off-season, as major part of the plan for switching the ratio. This plan was to make WIL linebacker the chosen Canadian position, while going for the present defensive line.

Chose as a free agent:

Greenwood was known to choose Edmonton as the free agent. He thought that Edmonton has the best chance to win, which can make Greenwood a great spectator. But, no one was quite prepared for the tragedy, which took place on the 2nd day of the training camp, which was held on Monday.

On this 2nd day of training, Greenwood was taken away from the field due to knee injury. It was on Thursday that the team announced that he had to go through a surgery, on the torn ACL. This clearly made him lose the entire 2017 CFL season.

More from Mr. Greenwood:

Greenwood was quite excited to come back home, where he knew that the team is going to perform brilliantly. The offense is likely to be quite amazing, and he wanted to be in the defense line to come and make some plays. He even wanted to get to the field and watch his partners to work. This kind of injury, followed by surgery is something, which is never predicted beforehand unless you are in that position. And this simple surgery can take the entire season out of your hand.

Greenwood might not like what happened to him, but he is strong enough to go with the flow. This is most unfortunate for him to go through the problems and have to deal with it accordingly. but, he knows what is best for him and the team, and he is ready to sacrifice this season, as he don’t have a second option left, in hand.

From the recovery table:

Mr. Greenwood was told that his surgery will need an approximately resting period of 13 months. This package comprises of not just recovery but rehab, at the same time. After those 13 months of break, he is planning to get back to his position and play the next season, 2018 with more vigor and hard work.

He was a native of Kingston, Ontario and hold the result of playing 3 seasons with the Kansas City in the well-known rounds of NFL. After that, it was in 2014 when he joined Argos. After that, for the last two Toronto seasons, he missed a total number of 16 games, due to some unwanted injuries and more.

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