CASA prevention and addiction treatment

“Regain his freedom, his confidence, his dignity, his life.”

Since its founding in 1995, the CASA Center, a therapy center located in Quebec City, has continued to develop in its field of practice, to stand out through its range of services in the treatment of dependence and to meet the demands of constant increase. The professionalism and commitment of its staff contribute to the influence of our alcohol treatment centers.

The CASA center for alcohol and drug treatment is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide specialized services for the prevention and treatment of addicted person. They are aimed at adults, as well as around them, and provide both in-house and outpatient accommodation.

The Center’s mission is carried out in five main fields of expertise:

  • Alcoholism and drug addiction
  • Pathological games and cyber dependency
  • Dependencies in people wearing or wearing uniforms
  • Management of dependencies in the workplace
  • Training and research

Am I at risk?

Here is a small questionnaire based on the general symptoms of addiction:

Have you ever wondered about your use of alcohol or drugs?

Has your consumption affected your health, your interpersonal relationships, your work performance?

Have your family or friends ever wanted to discuss these situations with you?

Solutions are possible. The CASA rehabilitation center offers a treatment program to stop or reduce the harms of alcohol, drugs and medications. The CASA drug rehabilitation center offers 28 days of closed therapy that includes best practices in addiction treatment. The accompaniment is done by a team of professionals and aims at bringing a balance of life and a greater autonomy.


  • Identify risks and consequences related to consumption
  • Prevent relapse by identifying risk situations, warning signs, misconceptions and protective factors.
  • Develop strategies for sound management of your needs.
  • Identify your motivations for change.
  • Consolidate the achievements of therapy and thus maintain them in its daily reality.
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits (diet, sleep, physical activity, relaxation, free time management, etc.).
  • Properly manage your anxiety.
  • Acquire greater emotional autonomy.
  • Assert yourself and respect yourself more.


The person is followed by a team of professionals; In particular, it benefits from the following services:

  • individual accompaniment
  • education, growth and therapy workshops
  • art therapy workshops
  • conferences
  • activities focused on health
  • community life.


Anyone over the age of 18 who is experiencing difficulties related to their use of alcohol, drugs and medications.

YOU CAN CONTACT US AT ANY TIME AT 418 871-8380 / 1877 271-8380

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