Britons Are Losing $50m To Dating Site Con Artists On A Yearly Count

The growth of online dating site seems to show the popularity it has. The field of online dating has been a norm for the singles, looking for partners to mingle. This might be a tricky situation, as simple mistakes can lead you bank robbed. Therefore, keeping your eyes open and mind too, seems to be the only way out to find the beloved partner of your dreams. Now, online dating sites have complex and mixed emotions among people. So, it is not just about the dating site, but a bit on your luck, as well.

A record costing:

Last year, the online dating site swindles clearly cost Britons a record of 39m pounds, as per the London Police. Among the 10 victims, 6 were women and two thirds of them are between the age bracket of 40 and 69. Some of the fraudsters have been identified and caught, but majority of them are part of organized gangs, working in Eastern Europe and West Africa.

Here, the operations resembling call centers are targeted for conducting detailed background research, and even compose scripts before targeting several victims, at the same time. The most common way to solicit money is by producing a fake emergency, mostly en route to in-person rendezvous. On an average scale, it takes not more than 30 days between first payment and the initial contact. Among these victims, the ones who visited police have lost an average amount of 10,000 pounds.

Britons are mainly vulnerable:

Recent studies have clearly indicated that Britons are mainly vulnerable towards such traps. In European countries, the Swiss spend more on online match making practices. It is mainly the English language, which makes Britons easily accessible to such con men from the global center. As they are quite in love with banking and online shopping, therefore, making electronic payments to strangers is quite in their nature.

They might even believe some hard luck stories. Britain is considered to be the top ranking country in all of Europe with a generosity measure, as procured by Charities Aid Foundation. At present, some charities like Victim Support is now raising awareness of this current problem. Even the dating sites are trying hard to protect their users, just for the fear of losing their businesses.

Enough protection is required:

The recent few incidents have clearly instilled a sense of fear among the online dating sites. They are trying their level best to create a protection shield around their network and trying to protect the users, as much as possible. However, in the end, it is the user’s luck to fall into the culprit’s track or avoid them smoothly. The dating sites might try to protect the victims, but hackers are making their work vulnerable.

The only way to get save from this situation is by understanding the surrounding nature and work accordingly. You need to know more about the ways to take complete care of the dating sites before coming to a result. Falling for anyone blindly can lead to some serious tension later, and it’s a proven fact.

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