Benefits of Serviced Apartments for Travellers

If you wish to travel around the UK, you’re not alone. With many young people choosing to experience the world and seek new opportunities, travelling around the UK can be a lot of fun for those who aren’t keen on going abroad. Whilst it can be a good experience to stay in hotels or hostels, often people miss their own home comforts. If you are planning on staying in a place for a few weeks or possibly a few months, here is why a serviced apartment could be ideal for you.


Unlike hostels and hotels, serviced apartments are private. This means you have your very own space to do what you want, and if you are travelling in a couple or as friends, this can be a deal breaker. Having your own private bedroom, bathroom, living space and kitchen means you can live as you want, just like you were at home. If you are fed up of being confinedto hostel bedrooms and want some space for yourself, serviced apartments are the way forward. This also means if you are travelling and working, you can get sleep before your shifts and nobody will disturb you, or vice versa.


Just because you are staying in an apartment, this doesn’t mean you cannot get the comforts of a hotel. Serviced apartments still offer housekeeping services and even sometimes private chefs. For those who want to spend their time in the city wisely, choosing a serviced apartment means that you can still have the place looking in top condition without having to do it yourself.

Private Kitchen

When travelling, food can end up costing a fortune. A serviced apartment offers your very own kitchen, meaning you can make your own meals and stop eating out so much. The difficulty with eating out all the time is that we often choose unhealthy foods, and this can play havoc with your digestive system. Being able to sit down with a home cooked meal can make you feel so much better after days of discovering the city and partying. This can save a lot of money and is ideal for those with allergy requirements or for those fussy eaters! Just because you are travelling, it doesn’t mean you need to stop your diet.


While a serviced apartment may sound like an expensive option, for travellers it could work out much cheaper. Not only have you got the option to cook and often wash your clothes, you can usually get the apartment for a discounted rate if you are looking to spend a while there. Serviced apartments can often house between 1-7 people, so no matter how many of you are travelling, you can find a great deal. If you’re looking for serviced apartments Belfast is home to some of the best in ideal central locations. If Belfast is not on your list of places to see, with its booming music and arts scene and splendid architecture, it may just be one place you want to add to your list.

Travelling doesn’t have to mean hostels; why not live in a home away from home while you discover some of the finest cities in the UK?

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