Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Construction Business

Accidents happen and slips are made all the time. However, one place you should try to minimise errors in is your construction business. Here are some of the ways you can avoid such pitfalls to ensure that your business is always working at maximum efficiency.

Don’t Neglect Health and Safety

Basic health and safety on a construction site is a must. Everyone onsite, whether they are working or visiting, should wear a hardhat, the right footwear and a high-vis jacket with no exceptions. Don’t be afraid to penalise a worker who is a little too lax with their safety gear. Any punishment you give them will be a lot less than the fine or charge you get from the government for failure to enforce safety protocols.

Get All Contracts in Writing

No matter how minor the job is, you should always get the contract in writing. Some old dear wants you to fix her front step? Sure, it isn’t as complex as a complete house renovation but you should still have a proper contract written up. It protects both you and your clients and helps to properly define everything from the get-go.


Have a Financial Back-Up

Don’t be afraid to take out construction business loans if you are either expanding or you have not been paid on time. Most business loans are structured to give you plenty of breathing space and it might be just what you need to ensure that you can afford what you need for your business. Whether it is a new piece of equipment to tackle a job you have never tried before or just enough money to keep your workers paid while you press a client to pay up, loans are there to help you out.

Build Relationships with Suppliers

Nearly every successful construction company will have a supplier they can go to for everything and you need to be the same, so start building your network as soon as you open for business. When you approach a supplier, make sure that they are aware that you are looking to open a working relationship with them. Not only could you potentially grab yourself some brilliant discounts on supplies, you could also pick up extra jobs along the way from people they know.

Keep All Activities Above Board

No matter what the project might be, you should always check with the local council to see what permits are required for the job. If you think a permit is needed before a job, it might very well actually need one. Fines for completing work without the right permits can be costly and can also negatively impact upon the reputation of your business. It might be frustrating for both you and your clients to navigate the red tape but it is better than the alternative.

These are 5 of the pitfalls you will always have to navigate when you own a construction company. Make smart choices and always err on the side of the law; then you can never get caught out by a fine or something else which could seriously harm your business.

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