A Brief History Of Tattoos And Piercings

Piercings and tattoos have existed since ancient times. Body piercings go through the skin to insert jewelry in certain places that are feasible, while tattoos are designs on the skin using needles and ink. These two symbolize many things for humans while others showcase it as a sight of their personality. The various reasons for one draws all the way back to its origins.

The Ink

Ancient Egyptian wall paintings from 2000 BC have noted the use of tattoos on people and have been found on some preserved mummies. At the same time, it appeared in China. The Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas also have shown to make tattoos going back centuries and was widespread among tribal groups in Polynesia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Africa, and Japan. The oldest tattoo is estimated from 3100 BC when markings were found on the body of Ötzi, who was found in the mountains between Austria and Italy.

The purpose of tattooing varied from culture to culture. Tattoos sometimes symbolized one’s religion or record of bravery; they could also represent fertility, love, protection, and rites of passage. Tattooing was rediscovered by the Europeans when they discovered these various cultures during the centuries of conquest and adopted it as their own. It wasn’t until the 1960s that modern tattooing was introduced and became a part of Western fashion and culture. The word itself originates from the Tahitian word ta-tau, or, “To make a mark.”

Threading The Needle 

The most common types of piercings on the ears and nose have been around from 2500 BC, but they were mentioned in the Bible. In the Vedas, the holy text of Hinduism, they are found on goddesses. In Ancient American and Polynesian times, pierced noses with bones and feathers symbolized wealth and fertility. Piercings of the lip and tongue involved using labrets and lip stretching were part of many African tribes.

Like tattoos, they were discovered by the West and utilized in their cultures, albeit rarely seen in general because they became taboo and unacceptable. By the latter half of the 20th century, that had changed. Besides basic earrings for women, subcultures would pierce their naval, nose, and nipples. Traditional techniques were made to be safe to use, even for artistic purposes, and especially in more sensitive areas, making piercing an entire bodily experience.

Tattoos piercings have been around for a long time and have not been just fashionable today. Black Line Studio tattoo parlour become a big centre for work thanks to the growing clientele that has included numerous celebrities .They are expressing people and their personality, something very popular to young people. While many have tried to spin its usage as something detrimental in society, it is all but entirely accepted in all quarters. They are colorful and time consuming and they continue to be seen in the most impressive body art shops around the world.

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