4 Benefits of Using Fruit Puree

Fruits undergo a process that includes cooking, grounding, pressing, and sieving or blending to become a puree. There is a certain consistency that must be reached in order to have a quality fruit puree. Different kinds of fruits can be pureed including but not limited to apple, avocado, mango, banana, and strawberries. There are various benefits to using puree and here are some of them.

Alternative ingredient for baking and cooking

Purees made from fruits are used in the preparation of various foods including jams, desserts, ice creams and smoothies. They are also popularly used in baking. Some bakers replace butter or oil with fruit purees to make their baked goods healthier. Although they may contain a higher amount of sugar than fresh fruits because of their concentration, they are still lower in calories compared to the other regular baking ingredients mentioned.

Moreover, purees will also enhance the flavour and smell of your cakes and other baked products. If you want to strengthen the fruit flavour in your baked goodies, adding puree is an effective way to do it. Your cakes will be tastier and more flavourful, especially if you are after a fruitier taste.

Lasts longer than fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are still healthier choices since you will get all the nutrients that they contain. However, the problem with them is that they tend to spoil faster. How many times have you bought fresh fruits and then find them rotten before you can even eat them? It’s a waste of money and resources. If you want to eat fresh fruits, make sure to buy only those that you can consume.

Alternatively, you can also go for fruit purees. They may have lost some of their fibre content because of processing, but they still contain vitamins and minerals that are healthy for your body. Plus, they have a longer shelf life so you can keep them for a long time. They don’t last forever though. Make sure that you still check their expiration date to ensure that you are getting the most of their flavour and nutrients.

Convenient to bring along with you

Fruit purees are great to take anywhere, even while on the go. For instance, if you are going on a road trip or long travel, bringing fresh fruits might be a challenge because there’s the inconvenience of having to peel and cut them. They can also be bulky, and as mentioned in the previous item, they can spoil easily. Juice purees come in different types of containers, but they are mostly easy to carry. They are also instantly available so there is no need for peeling or cutting.

Easy way to introduce kids to fruits

Kids may find it difficult to chew fresh fruits, especially if they are hard. You may cut fruit into small pieces, although it can be tedious and children could be at risk of choking. Fruit puree is easier to ingest and digest, making it perfect for kids.

Fruit purees are not created equal. Make sure that you only get yours from fruit puree suppliers UK customers recommend, to ensure their quality.

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