3 Business Investment Ideas Requiring Little or No Start-up Capital

As much as they dream of going it alone, some people abandon the idea of starting up a new business because they think of all the expenses involved. From renting business premises to stocking a full inventory of products, people believe that they will need a lot of capital behind them.

However, the money needed primarily depends on your business idea. Also, the risk factor and the time to get your idea off the ground can be reduced if you start slow. Many investment ideas can be organised from a spare room in your home – or even the kitchen table if needs be.

Let’s look at 3 ideas to get you started. Many might not suit your interests, character or talents but they might give you inspiration about that great money-earner that will allow you to resign from your day job without stress or resorting to an emergency loan.

  1. Selling a Service

With all the expenses related to hiring full-time employees, many firms are now choosing to outsource some tasks or departments to freelancers. Jobs like web or graphic designers and bookkeepers will always be able to make extra money once they get a solid reputation in the marketplace.

If you don’t have these skills, there are plenty of other tasks which people are prepared to pay for. Fitness trainers, dog walkers and cleaners are just some of the services which don’t need much capital to start out and which can be fitted in with your primary day job. The main investment you’re making is your time.

  1. Online Education

Tutors are always needed for kids at school – whether they’re struggling with a specific lesson or are taking national exams. However, you don’t necessarily need to have academic qualifications to start up an online business teaching others. Foreign languages, cooking and personal wellness tutoring are also very popular. Lessons can be done with a video link-up at times convenient to both you and your students and your only expense is your internet connection.

  1. Upcycling

If you’re handy at making repairs, have a good eye for colour or possess quirky ideas about how objects which are usually thrown in the rubbish can be converted into something else, there’s definitely a market for upcycled goods. Many objects can be found in second-hand or thrift stores, garage or boot sales for only a few pennies and your only capitalis to buy supplies like paints and glues. Even if this expense is difficult for you, don’t let this obstacle stop you from achieving your goal. Applynow for an instant payday loan online to finance your initial purchases.

Apart from attending craft fairs, sales can be made predominantly online. From early sales you’ll soon understand which ideas are the most popular and adapt your creations accordingly to meet this demand.

These 3 ideas are just a few of the many money-making possibilities that are waiting for you. All that is needed is an investment of your time, your marketable skills and your hard work.

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