Your Guide To Holiday Gift Giving

Whether you’re having difficulty buying for the person who has everything or the person who seems to like nothing, gift giving can be a stressful experience. It’s supposed to be something that brings everyone joy but fretting over getting the perfect gift can get in the way of that joy. Not to mention all the deals you have to stay on top of in order to get the very best price. There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and so much more! There’s in store deals, online coupons, in-store promotions, the list goes on and on. How are you supposed to keep your head above the water this holiday season and get something that the people on your list will love? Well that’s what I’m here for, to help guide you through some of the stresses of gift giving.

Let’s begin with buying for the person who seems to have everything. They’ve got all the latest technology. Their whole house is decked out with wireless this and wireless that. They’ve got features you didn’t even know existed! Then of course there’s the shopaholic who seems to have everything already. So how do you buy for this person? Going with a thoughtful gift is best when you’re buying for someone who already has it all. Adding another pair of shoes to her already large closet, or another piece of technology to their already decked out house is no way to make a lasting impression. Get a gift that’s small, thoughtful, and unique. Think of a time when you laughed with that person, or when they helped you through a hard time. Maybe you just lost your job and they came over with a special kind of hot cocoa to cheer you up. Buying that special brand of hot cocoa for them and wrapping it in a cute little package with a heartwarming note is a great gift that’ll remind them of what good friends you guys are!

Now let’s focus on the person who seems to like nothing. They can be even harder to buy for than the person who has everything! Of course a thoughtful gift that reminds both of you of a positive memory is never a bad idea. These gifts are always a hit. If you’re not that close to someone and you’re not entirely sure what to get them, don’t be afraid to reach out to people that are closer to them. Ask some questions about things they might like or movies they enjoy. With the internet nowadays there seems to be something for everyone. Even the person who appears to like nothing. Be sure to check different sites than you normally do. Someone who doesn’t like much will need some extra digging in order to find the right gift. Sites like Etsy offer a wide variety of unique, personalized, handmade, and vintage gifts. There you’ll surely find something for the picky gift getter!

Of course you can’t go wrong with gifting a nice sweater or cute top. For classic clothing gifts you’ve just gotta shop Talbots. They’ve got amazing deals on holiday favorites that make perfect gifts from moms, aunts, cousins, and friends!

I hope you’ve learned a little bit about the gift giving process and know what you’re getting for everyone on your list! Happy holidays.

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