TripAdvisor States Angkor Wat To Reign At Top Of The World’s Best Landmarks

The well-known travel site, TripAdvisor announced world’s best landmarks. This is used to help you decide on the best historical and cultural sights, which are likely to be added in your checklist. These results were mainly the major part of the Traveler’s Choice 2017 from this site. The votes are based on the quality and quantity of the traveler reviews, which are likely to be presented within the last 12 months.

Now, in this list of cultural and historical beauties, Angkor Wat tops the chart. Located in Cambodia, this place is known for its ancient and grand architectural marvels. It took the first position as the most visited attractive spot in the world.

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Before you even plan to visit Angkor Wat, it is important for you to learn a bit more about the place. It was built in early 12th century. This place was designed to be the former Hindu and now Buddhist temple complex. It currently stands to be the best preserved monuments in the work, which makes Angkor Wat archaeological park. According to the research of the tourism board of Cambodia, this area spans around a huge land of 100,000 acres.

If you check out this site from outside, you will feel like it has been surrounded by moat. But, the interior of this amazing place comprises of over 200 detailed paintings, which is more than amazing. There are some great reasons on why this place has been designed to be the first spot. And it is followed by the much awaited grand mosque center, Sheikh Zayed, located in Abu Dhabi.

A must see for luxury travelers and history buffs:

Well, nowadays, Angkor Wat is not quite a secret destination, as over 2 million tourists visit this historical place on a yearly count. This place has further served as movie set and with 600,000 posts on the social site, Instagram. Even though this place has been battling with the crowds, there is something quite special about it. The magical aura of this complex is more than what you can take help of. It feels like that you are discovering something new around here.

More to know about this place:

Most of you might think that this place is a destination itself, but it is not. It is basically a part of bigger complex, full of canals, reservoirs and temples. According to UNESCO, this place has gained the name to be the most promising archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. Other than its amazing splendor, this place is known for its historical effect, as well. This Angkor Wat was defined to be the Khmer capital, which was huge part of political and cultural landscape of Southeast Asia. It was a great place from 9th to 14th century.

Sometimes, this place might have been used for funerals. It was dedicated to Vishnu, Hindu God by none other than Suryavarman II, a famous Khmer King. It is further defined to be the largest structure in this world. Majority of Hindu temples face east, but this historical beauty faces west, which made archaeologists and scholars believe that this temple was used for funeral purposes.

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