Top 4 Reasons to Test Your Fire Suppression System Regularly

It’s great that you installed a comprehensive fire suppression system at your place of business. Now the focus is on making sure that system is always in top condition. The only way to accomplish the goal is to have an expert test the system from time to time. Here are some of the reasons why regular testing is so important.

Efficient Response Time

Suppression systems and related equipment that is not maintained will fail to respond efficiently. Take the example of the fire alarm panel that you purchased. You want the tracking features to provide real time information. A lag in data could mean you don’t know a specific escape route is blocked until it’s too late. If any one of the signaling line circuits don’t work, that also minimizes the ability to track and take action as you wait for the local fire department to arrive.

Always Ready for New Employee Training

Orientation for new employees should always include fire safety training. Managers and supervisors will need to be trained on how to manually operate parts of the suppression system in the event the automated functions fail to deploy. In order to teach them properly, it will be necessary to actual activate one or more of those features. A system that is not well maintained makes proper training more difficult.

Keeps Your Business in Compliance With Local Safety Regulations

You and your employees are not the only ones interested in the system. Local safety regulators will also want proof your system is always functioning at maximum efficiency. Choosing to take a proactive approach to maintenance ensures that you are ready when those inspectors drop by and want to take a look at the sprinklers, extinguishers, and other system features.

While the focus is on making sure your current system will control the fire and allow time for employees to get out safely, proper maintenance also saves money. Specifically, you don’t end up being cited for inadequate equipment and possibly fined for noncompliance with local safety regulations. Avoid the fines and more of the net profits can be used for other purposes.

Maintain Those Insurance Discounts

You receive discounts from the insurance company because of the system you have in place. In order to keep them, you will need to maintain the system properly. Along with losing the discount, you could have trouble processing a claim if it emerges that the system did not receive the upkeep needed to protect the building and your employees.

When was the last time you considered the design and the function of your fire suppression system. Now is a great time to have a professional inspect it and make recommendations. You may find the setup is still adequate for your facility, or it maybe time to consider newer options for fire suppression by Control Fire Systems. Call today and schedule an appointment. You will soon know what should be done to keep you and your employees safe.


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