The Latest Online Casino Technology Trends 2019

One of the main industries in the world that are always pushing boundaries in the progression of technology is the casino and gambling sectors. One of the main reasons why it is at the forefront of development is due to the size of the sector which is estimated to be worth more than $50 billion each year and growing at a rapid pace. Due to the size of the marketplace, it has attracted the world’s best online developers who are all trying to compete to become the top platform. In this article, I will talk about the latest technology trends that are happening in 2019.

1. The Blockchain

The biggest online casino trend of 2019 is blockchain-based casinos which are starting to make a big impact in the industry. These platforms instead of running on a centralized server run on the blockchain which provides some amazing advantages for punters. These include transparency as all transactions are recorded, therefore they can be audited by anyone to prove their fairness. With lots of casino promo code available that give free cryptocurrency to gamble with, it is well worthwhile giving them a try as they are the future of the sector.

2.eSports Player Vs Player Gambling

The millennial generations has been brought up playing video games on consoles such as PlayStation and have started to turn their backs on traditional casino games. Instead, they prefer to put their skills to the test that they have been learning their whole lives playing games such as FIFA and Call of Duty against other players. The latest eSports platforms enable anyone to link their console games easily to the network so that they can gamble against other gamers and it is the fastest-growing sector in the gambling space.

3. No Centralized House

Thanks to cryptocurrency and blockchain it has made it possible for developers to eliminate the requirements of a centralized house. This is a breakthrough that will have major implications in the sector as instead of a middle-man taking all the profits, smart programmable contracts will run the whole operation and disburse the profits to the community. It also means that zero house edge games such as Roulette are now possible so your odds of winning are far greater.


There are many new and exciting ways to gamble online which has been fueled by the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. These are going to play a pivotal role in going forward in the industry and will have a major disrupting effect over the next decade. All of the latest developments have been about improving the present systems and how to reward gamblers more so the experience will continue to improve over the coming years. There is still a long way to go to eradicate bad players from the industry but new tech should make it harder for fraud and scams to take place which has damaged the reputation of the industry. Make sure you always keep up to date with the latest casino releases as there are always lots of free money on offer as a signup bonus so you can try out brand new games.

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