Technology Trends In The Casino Industry in 2020

It is hard to keep up the technology developments in recent years as it is developing at such a fast rate it’s impossible to keep up with the latest news. If you have been paying attention to the cryptocurrency space you will understand exactly what I am talking about. In the casino industry, it has always been one of the leaders in bringing new tech to the mainstream. In recent years we have seen the development of provably fair using the blockchain along with AI bot handling inquiries and this is just the start. Below are the trends that will be at the forefront of the casino and gambling sector in 2019.

Chat Bots

For the last few years, Chatbots have been on the rise and now that the technology has progressed we are seeing most top casinos utilize them for customers. They use AI to answer gambler questions so that there is no waiting time for users along with a huge cost saving from using human personnel. They are also been used at sites like Valley Forge to hand out promotions. As for the latest Valley Forge Casino bonus codes the bot will supply them automatically.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are the latest development in the blockchain space and casinos are using them to create decentralized gambling platforms. These are advantageous to gamblers as they provide anonymity along with making it impossible for any third-party to alter the outcome of bets placed. Developers can use a smart program code that follows a set protocol that enables complete automation which will transform the sector from a centralized model to decentralization.

Virtual Reality

By 2020 it was expected that virtual reality would be mainstream but it has struggled to take off and remains a niche market. Over the last few years, both FaceBook and Mircorsfot have focused their attention on this marketplace which has progressed the sector greatly. There are many virtual reality games expect on the latest VR consoles which will help take things to the next level along with smartphones starting to offer built-in VR and AR modules to their phones will increase dramatically users.

Peer To Peer Gambling

One of the fastest-growing trends in the casino space is peer-to-peer gambling which is where gamblers take on each other instead of gambling against the house edge. Casino developers as creating brand new games to cater to this form of winner take all to cater to the huge demand. In 2020 expect to see lots more social gaming titles and casinos to start offering more titles for this style of play.


Many exciting developments are happening and each one helps to create a better environment for gamblers. In the future, it will be impossible for rogue operators to cheat players out of money as everything will be decentralized. This has been needed for many years but it is only recently with the development of blockchain technology that it has been possible so expect it to transform the sector over the next decade.

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