Technology Trends for 2020

The future is always exciting to reflect on, and with technology trends accelerating as rapidly as they are these days, the idea of a universal digital transformation is fast becoming a reality.

Powerful business leaders like Amazon, Apple, and Google have already started leveraging emerging developments like AI and Big Data to enhance user experiences. If you follow the news on this industry you will be well aware that the pace of expansion is relentless, and it is impacting our expectations at incredible rates, and exceeding them more often than not!

Technology has totally revolutionised the way we do business and the way we relax, with the popularity of the online casinos NZ and the rest of the world have to offer being a prime example of this.

Banking, healthcare, and e-commerce are also changing, and although some of these trends are ephemeral in nature, others are being successfully integrated into businesses permanently.

What does 2020 have in store?

Automation on the Up and Up 

With technologies like AI, Big Data, and Cloud Computing undergoing development at the scale they are, Automation seems to be at its zenith.

Most software consulting companies, from banking and software enterprises to those engaged in manufacture, are comprehensively applying Automation to drive productivity, profitability, and quality, and this will continue into 2020 and beyond.

Blockchain is Going to Get Bigger 

The blockchain is a decentralised ledger that is able to store and exchange data for cryptocurrency. A Gartner Report predicts that this machinery will generate over US$3 trillion in business value by 2030.

Sophisticated architecture helps facilitate smooth interactions by making them transparent and lessening friction across trade parties outside of the system.

Cryptocurrency is on the Rise 

Cryptocurrency is digital tender built to act as tokens of exchange. Transactions get verified via sophisticated, encrypted codes, keeping the entire process totally secure. It has already revolutionised the financial industry, with millions of coins already appearing in the market, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are some of the most widely used of these digital coins. 

The Internet of Things Will Increase 

IoT is an ecosystem of physical objects like appliances, devices, and equipment that are able to exchange information via the Internet without human interaction. 

Systems like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home have already started acquiring space in homes around the world, and the number of these is surging significantly. Advanced systems like Playing Requested Songs, Setting Alarms and Notifications, and Voice Interaction are seeing these technologically advanced Smart Systems reshape our current and future digital landscapes.

Apple recently launched a HomePod, an advanced speaker able to deliver high-fidelity audio alongside other Smart Home features like the ones already offered by Alexa. Samsung has also recently announced plans to launch Bixby technology-based systems in the near future.

Recent technology intelligence reports predict that as much as US$6 trillion will be invested in IoT solutions from 2020 onwards. It has also been reported that the total number of IoT devices passed the 8 billion milestone in 2017, and is expected to reach 30 billion by 2020.

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