Sports Viewers Are Currently Growing Grayer With Every Passing Day

Well, at present, the generation is more thrilled to watch Rowdy Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan body slamming. But, even with so many distractions, viewers are still watching the professional wrestling, which is going to concern the behavior of sports marketers. This is because the average age of the TV viewer of such professional wrestling has gone up by 21 years, which ended up in 54 years of age since 2006. This is the most of any major sport, as viewed on TV. This research result has been found according to the study, conducted solely for the sports business Journal, by none other than Magna Global.

Growth which is unbelievable:

Well, professional wrestling is not that of a unique sport. According to the study result of Neilson television, the data viewership for 25 sports clearly states that all the viewers except one have witness he medium age of viewers increase over the past decade. This is the result because younger sports consumer content is currently gravitating towards the digitalized platforms for following proper teams.

More from the report:

The report further states that median age of the viewers of majority sports, except the professional basketball, tennis and soccer are known to be aging faster than compared with the overall population of the US. Well, as per the scientific values, the median age of the American is around 37.9 years, as per the CIA Factbook. This finding is said to raise concerns among the marketers along with the professional sports leagues and teams. They are practically trying to reach younger viewers, willing to move to other venues other than TV for consuming sports.

The chosen Ultimate Fighting Championship, which  did not exist when the WEE was initiated in 1979 by Linda and Vince McMahon, clearly now sees the median age of TV viewer, which climbed from the previous 15 years to that of 49 years. On the other hand, the TV viewers of the current action sports further rose in age by 47 years straight from 14, which is quite a big leap, to be honest.

More on the other sports:

TV viewers of the ice skating and professional golf skewed to the oldest of all the available sports, where the average age is solely around 64, which is even 5 years more since 2006. After that, the age of another sport, which follows is horse racing. It is historically considered to have oldest viewership of any chosen sport, and has risen to 63 years. Other sports, where the television viewers are more than 60 years of age, are golf tour for women, pro men’s tennis tour and more.

The youngest TV crowd is currently focusing towards Soccer, where the median age group is of 40 for the Major League soccer. It has been up from 39, as noted in the year 2006. 15% of the current fan base is under the age bar of 18, which can be noted as the highest rate of the current US based leagues. Majority of the professional soccer reached to Hispanic immigrants, for boosting their fan base and attract younger viewers more.

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