Special And Simple Yoga Poses For Kids

People generally have a misconception that yoga postures are same for adults and kids, where the reality is absolutely different. Kid’s bodies might be a bit more flexible that adults, but some poses are even hard for them to perform. And as they have to start from the basic, therefore; the poses are bit easier when compared to the ones, meant for adults. So, if you want your little ones to follow your footsteps and help them love yoga, then start with the ones, meant for them only.

There are multiple yoga postures for children available. However, you might have to learn a bit more about the poses yourself before you can teach your kids, the same.

Can be a healthy habit:

Introducing your little ones to yoga at tender age can help them to be a part of the healthy lifestyle habits. They can even form the foundation for fit future, meant for you. So, without wasting time further, it is mandatory for your family practice to start well with these kid-friendly poses.

You can start off easy with the bow pose. It is also known as Dhanurasana, where you have to bend your back into that shape of a bow. It needs to be designed in such a manner so that your body feels energetically loaded, locked and ready to take that first aim. This pose looks like that of a bow, so it is called dhanurasana. The legs and the torso represent the body of bow and arms work as string.

For another pose, you have the bridge pose for your little ones. This pose is meant for energizing your body and even rejuvenating your mind and soul. This pose helps in luxurious restorative method, as well. For performing this pose, you have to lie supine on floor and optional thick blanket to protect your neck. It is to be placed under shoulders. After that, bend knees and set feet on floor. You have to place the heels as close to the sitting bones.

Other poses to learn:

From the ones already mentioned, you have some other options, waiting for your guidance.  That pose is defined as cat pose. As the little ones have to carry loads of books, every day to school, their back and spinal cord seems to undergo through some serious pain. Well, it is during such instances, when cat pose can offer you with gentle message to belly organs and spine.

For this pose, you need to start on hands and knees in like a tabletop position. The knees must set directly below wrists and hips. On the other hand, the shoulders and elbows must be in line and even perpendicular to floor. After that, you have to center the head at neutral position where the eyes will stare directly at floor.

It’s all about practice:

At first, this pose might seem to be quite difficult for you to perform. After few days of regular practice, these postures will turn out to be easier ones. So, it is all about practice and ways, in which you can perform your task.

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