Six easy steps to host a graduation party

It is not every day you get to celebrate a graduation. It is an occasion where people gather to make and share memories. And this year, you have the chance to host the most memorable graduation party ever. 

You do not need to be a professional event planner to host a memorable graduation party. Things such as the location, invitations, menu, and décor, are easy enough to tackle on your own. However, it is better to do the initial planning to eliminate any last-minute hassles. 

The first step is to determine your budget and jot down all the necessary tasks. However, the main job is to complete all those tasks. Don’t worry, we have you covered. To keep you away from hustles, we will tell you how to host a graduation party the right way. Just follow the guide below and get everything done step by step. 

  • Build the guest list

When you have your budget, you know how many people you can invite. Thus, start building your guest list accordingly. Decide if you or your guest-of-honor wants to invite the entire graduating batch or a large bash of family and friends. It is good to have a few special guests, such as beloved faculty members and coaches. 

  • Choose a location

The location of the graduation party depends on the scale you are hosting it. Does the grad want it at a formal venue or a casual party?

Hosting a casual party may be comforting for people to gather, and it may save you money as well. However, throwing such a party requires a lot of time and effort. Holding a party at a venue comes with the ease of relying on an on-site planner or caterer. There would be people to handle the details for you. However, this would come at a fairly high cost. Each type of location has its pros and cons. It is for you to decide what suits you better. 

  • Decide a suitable date and time

All the graduation parties happen around the same time of the year. Thus, do not forget to consider other events that people might have. You might have to wait a couple of weeks after graduation to make sure you are not competing with other parties. 

Finding a date and time that works for all your guests can be tricky. Reach out to the main guests and coordinate with them to figure out the day and time that works for all of them. Consider hosting the party later in the season to avoid any conflicts. You can also combine a summer holiday with your graduation party, such as Father’s Day or July 4th

  • Decide a theme and decorate accordingly

To add a fun touch, decide on a theme for your graduation party. You can decorate the party in the graduate’s school colors for a striking yet simple theme. Put up quotes and advice on success to add an inspirational touch. Hang up balloons in a color that matches the theme of your party.  Top off the graduation party with decorations such as graduation caps-shaped water bottle tops and centerpieces. 

Graduation parties are all about making memories. Try making a memory jar and putting some pencils and paper pieces beside it. Ask your guests to write down a memory they share with the graduates. This will become a lovely keepsake that people can cherish for years to come.

  • Advertise the party

Depending on the style of your graduation party, the invites could be anything from formal cards to free digital versions. There is no set rule on how to advertise a graduation party. However, there are a few rules to consider when sending graduation party invitations: send graduation announcements and invitations to special guests separately. Advertise it widely so everyone gets to know about it. Include directions to the venue. 

Flyers are one great way to advertise a graduation party. When you have the whole college coming in and it is not possible to send separate invitations, putting out flyers helps a lot. Include all the basic information on the flyer and put them in the busiest corners. You can also hand out flyers to people to make sure everyone knows about the graduation. You can use a variety of graduation party flyer templates available on PosterMyWall to help you create attractive invitations. 

  • Plan the menu

The party theme and time will guide the menu. If there are families with children coming in, you will need food for tots’ tastes. Barbecues work perfect for outdoor soirees. Snacks and desserts are ideal for a graduation party at night. Let the guests assemble their food. Have dishes like tacos, chili, spaghetti, burgers, and hotdogs. Set up a buffet and allow the guests to take what they like.

The big day has arrived

It is now time to finally host the most awaited graduation party. Now that you have read our guide, you should know how to host a graduation party. Follow our strategies, welcome the guests, and let everything run smoothly!

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