Samsung C9 Pro Is In The House

After researching through the market, you can definitely come to the fact that Samsung is leading the market when it comes to smartphones. There are some of the most interesting factors available and some are sure enough to blow your mind. Well, with growing demand of customers, it becomes rather difficult to settle with one model for long. Therefore, the market is flooded with new smartphone models, among which C9 Pro is the latest eye-catcher.

Starting with the features:

If you check out the basic features of this smartphone, you will be amazed with the modernized additions made. It comprises of 1.95 GHz CPU speed, which will make browsing faster than a blink of your eye. After that this point, the phone comprises of 6 inches screen, which is 15.20 in cm. For the main camera resolution, you have 16 MP. What else can you ask for when you are trying to click a picture?

The speed is likely to thrill you:

As already mentioned the CPU speed is more than what you have anticipated. With this phone by your side, you have the golden opportunity to set your pace. The ground breaking 6GB RAM comes with 1.4 GHz 64-Bit octa core processor. So, this phone is sure enough to take multitasking to a completely new level. Now, you have the liberty to download your content, watch videos or even shuffle between aps within seconds.

Sharper and better pictures:

A smartphone is now covering multiple tasks under one platform, where taking pictures seems to be an important one among the lot. You now get the chance to explore adventurous sides of this smartphone device with its 16 mega pixel front camera. So, now for clicking those selfies, you don’t even have to turn your phone around. Not just your selfies, but this Samsung C9 Pro makes groupfies just amazing and something from where you can’t just take the eyes off.

Not just the front camera but the rear camera also comprises of 16MP resolution for sharper and brighter crystal clear pictures. You get the opportunity to capture everything sharper than ever before with the significant F/1.9 16 MP rear camera. And its dual flash characteristic is like icing o the cake.

HD screen and more:

Nowadays, videos are going to get new meaning when you have those played on high definition screen, and that’s exactly what this Samsung Smartphone is going to offer you with. The 6 inches FHD sAMOLED screen is over the top and can help you to experience the world coming alive with you. The extraordinary quest is what you have been waiting for, and this phone will turn that dream into reality.

Just to support all your functions and applications and still make the phone run for long time, it has 4,000 mAh battery. So, once charged, the phone will never run out of it, even if you are using it heavily. The current USB type C always ensures that your phone gets charged within a moment. So, if you are trying to buy a new phone, you know the one to back on.

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