Sampaoli Is With Argentina Till 2022 And Will Work With Messi

Argentina coach, Mr. Jorge Sampaoli is now has a new mission in his head, which he is determined to fulfill. According to his in a latest newsfeed, his greatest challenge is to try to get the best out of none other than Lionel Messi and opt for the World cup finals of next year. That final is designed to take place in Russia. He was caught giving this statement on Thursday, with a contract, which is likely to last till 2022 tournament, which is set to be held in Qatar.

Sampoali was identified as none other than Argentina’s choice in the month of April, but later was tied to Sevilla, the Spanish club. He was there unless Liga session’s end 11 days ago. He stated that this first ever contact with everyone’s favorite captain, Lionel Messi was quite a positive start to a new beginning.

More from the coach:

Sampaoli was heard saying to a reporter that he had a talk with Messi and they are quite excited with this new project, in hand. This interaction is going to work as a boost for see what the new changes are going to bring to them and he is quite excited with this current state for none other than Argentina. It was stated by none other than Sampaoli himself, and it clearly shows the value he holds now.

This 57 year old star is currently fulfilling one of this long term dream, which is to coach the national team. He was even stated to have signed deal with AFA, to work in this new post till 2022, and with the Tournament in Qatar.

Information from the expert:

Sampaoli is about to leave for Australia with his special team for two-match friendly program, likely to take place on Friday. Before leaving, he said that the liaison is about to go through to World Cup of 2022. This long term deal is something to look forward to and is thought to bring some stability, after nearly 2 years of turmoil situation which Argentina FA is going through.

Last July, Gerardo Martino quit his job as a national team manager, due to the poor organization from AFA. Moreover, 6 months of salary arrears with the Edgardo Bauza, who was also known to be the stop-gap manager.

Some historical facts to follow:

Now, you might be wondering why Sampaoli of all people. Well, the reason is solid, if you get the opportunity to check the history of this personality. Sampaoli was held responsible for taking the 4th placed Sevilla to the highest finish, from the last time in 2010. It was his only season after a long career. It was the one turning point for him in European Soccer, after he came back from his life in South America.

Now, he is more than excited; rater thrilled, to have the famous 29 years old Barcelona forward Lionel Messi in his team, and all set to take the most of this opportunity. And everyone is pretty sure that this coach is now going to give his best shot.

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