Reliance Jio is launching Jio GigaFiber broadband service

Reliance Jio is launching soon Jio GigaFiber broadband service and they were already started registrations for Geo Giga fiber. If you want to know more about Jio GigaFiber, then I will give you all the information related to it. We are telling you about the plans, prices and connections of Geo Giga Fiber.


There has been so many news about Reliance Jio’s broadband service Jio GigaFiber. This service is about to start soon in India. But the date of launch of this service has not yet been announced by the company.

Jio GigaFiber Prices and Security Deposit

Users will have to pay Rs 4,500 for the new Geo GigaFiber connection, which is refundable. At this price, users will get Giga Router and Geo Giga TV Router. Reliance Company has confirmed that it will not have to pay any installation charge for its users for the new Geo Gigaphiber connection.

The company will provide 100 GB data from 100 Mbps speed absolutely free for three Month

Under the Geo Gigaphiber preview offer, the user will be given 100 GB free data per month from the first months at speed 100 MB per second speed. According to the report, the data received under the preview offer will be given up to three months.

The company had started registration for this service very long ago. Reliance Geo says that Geo GigaFiBeer will be launched earlier in the cities where the highest number of registrations have been received. Geo GigaFiiber has been undergoing testing for almost last 2 years and is now being said that Geo GigaFiiber can provide an average speed of 1Gbps.

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