Perfect Exercise Routine For Men Above 50 Years

When you see Hollywood mega stars jumping out of plane even after crossing the age bar 50, you think it to be CGI or computer generated image. What you don’t know is that the artist himself genuinely performs some stunts. When you get this newsfeed, it becomes quite unbelievable at first. How man over 50 years of age can perform so flexibly like any youngsters in their 20s? Well, the answer is simple and it has to deal with workouts. Special sets of exercises are generally set for the men in town, who are over 50; so that they can keep their bodies fit for long and fight against all the odds of old age.

It starts with doctor’s advice:

Well, trainers are able to help you choose the perfect exercise, which is for that particular age group. But, still it is important to consult a doctor first. Unless the doctor is approving the exercise routine, consider following it is nothing short than the foolish idea ever taken. The level of testosterone drops in men as they start getting older. Therefore, they feel tired and always are in the lookout for ways to rejuvenate their energy. Everybody is different with flexible body types. Therefore, consider asking a doctor first to check your body, and present the perfect routine suitable for your body type.

Go for resistance training:

Majority of people above 50 are asked to join for the resistance training. It is recommended to do resistance training 2 to 3 times in a week. Recent journal has clearly mentioned that intense form of resistance training can engage sufficient muscle mass, and can further helps in increasing the testosterone level in their bodies. For that, the men over 50 have to focus on particular set of exercise known as military press, bench press; leg presses, squats and even lat pull down. These are going to work better with muscle groups, which make resistance training perfect.

Go for the cardiovascular exercises:

In case, you are looking for something different from the resistance one, then you have cardiovascular ones available for you.  Remember that heart strength and lung capacity starts to diminish with growing age. Therefore, proper sets of cardio exercise helps in strengthening the lungs, hearts and even burn calories, which are indeed harmful for your body. It further helps in metabolizing fat as proper energy. In case you are not that active, then you can always start with swimming or brisk walking. Swimming can help in exercising your entire body and minimal the stress pressure on joints.

Caution points to remember:

Do not even try to stress yourself out while performing exercises, once you reach the age bracket of 50. If you ever feel unusually tired in the middle of the routine, then it’s better to stop it right there and go for doctor’s advice. See what they have to say about checking your body, as you have already lost a good amount of testosterone with growing age. If you are looking for quality help, then patience is the key towards success.

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