Being A Parent Means Be His Friend Philosopher And Guide

Being a parent calls for so many responsibilities. You have taken the pain of nine months to carry a child in your womb and would like to take entire responsibility of his well-being. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to get along with the best parenting advices and tips, offering you with the extra service you have been working on. Parenting is all about patience and hard work. You have to change your entire lifestyle for your little ones. Not only that, but you have to work as per your child’s needs and requirements.

Your little one has a flexible mind-set. He wants everything that catches his eyes. Some are good but most of them are bad, as they do not have the knowledge to distinguish between good and evil. So, being a parent it’s your duty to choose the best for him, and let him take the right path towards success.

Be a friend:

Before you become his parent, try to be his friend. Try thinking the world in his perspective and see the colors through his eyes. That will help you to know what your child wants and offer you with the most comprehensive help in taking care of the little ones. It is mandatory for you to come, join hand with the kids, and be his friend first.

It’s not that difficult to be his friend. Well, as you are his mom, you will feel a strong connection with your child. So, what he wants or want to get is not that unknown for you. Do not give what he wants always. That will provide them with a misconception of asking for anything and everything. But try fulfilling some of his dreams, which are small and will let him understand your love.

You have to be his guide and philosopher:

After you conquered friendship, next stop is to become his philosopher and guide. A little child is like water and can take the shape of the container, where it lands. So, it’s the duty of a parent to mold him to become a perfect citizen of modern nation. You need to be his friend, philosopher and guide. Guide him through the odds of life towards the path of perfection. Be by his side from start till end and provide him your helping hand whenever he is in need of it.

Gain his trust:

Other than being his guide, you have to gain his trust. He must feel free to share everything with you without any problem. It is a matter of time, and proper parenting tips will help you to get that trust. Just be sure to know more about his needs and desire and try to feel it from his perception. It’s not that difficult for a mom to understand her child, but you must never stop trying.

You never know when that little kid can be your best friend once he grows up. In the end, it’s your sheer love and care towards him that will help him to feel your presence.

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