P.K Subban Is To Play In Stanlay Cup Finals, Making Montreal Fans Happy

In the year 2016, after getting traded to Nashville by none other than Montreal Canadiens, P.K Subban is now in for the Stanley Cup Final. Previously, Subban was traded to play to Nashville Predators last June, for Shea Weber. This decision caused outrage among fans and the situation worsens with time. However, at present, Predators prepare to face the chosen Pittsburgh Penguins in the current Stanley cup finals. And according to some Montrealers, they are still going to root for him to win. It shows that the number of fan followers haven’t decreased that much.

Notes more about the player:

In the recent newsfeed, some fans were heard cheering for Subban, even after the changes which took place. For a Habs fan, he was still an ex-Hab and he is known to have built quite some energy on the ground.  He also gained name among fans to be a guy, full of positive energy. So, all these positive attributes are enough for the fans to support him, as you don’t get such opportunity to hate him though. For the fans, it is their duty to support their leader and idol, for a game, which is going to be a memorable one for sure.

For some other residents, he is still a superhero, as he used to be before the trading took place. They are eagerly waiting to see him do well mainly when he was traded away from a city, where he used to love playing. That stirs some emotional feeling, not just within Subban, but among his fans. They are able to feel his pain and now ready to support him all the way.

Playing well is the main thing:

Canadians always feel proud of their players, so keeping Subban in the dark is not what they have been eyeing for. For them, seeing a Canadian guy doing well is more than what they can ever expect for.

When Subban returned to Montreal for his chosen game as member of predators on the Bell Centre Ice, he broke down when the crowd started chanting his name. The entire crowd of 21,000 chanted his name, vibrating the entire place. Not only that, but a video tribute was played for him on the chosen scoreboard, which was another emotional moment, not just for the players but for everyone present in that 21000 crowd. It shows the place he has in everyone’s heart, and that craze and love is still there, which is a good news.

Some did not agree on trading:

According to some hockey critics and columnists, fans are still rooting for Subban, as they did not agree with trading him. When everyone was told that team got better, the next step saw the team going out from the finals. On the other hand, the team where Subban was traded move to the finals. It shows that there is a mix of excitement for Subban and certain anger towards the said organizations. It shows that some people never gave up on him and are still in love with his skills and art.

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