Noble Skiodo has launched SmartLite LED TV for just Rs 6,999 with tremendous features

TV brand company Noble Skiodo has launched two new smartlite LED TVs in the Indian market. Both of these company’s TVs have been introduced in the budget range. The price of 24-inch smartlite LED TV is Rs 6,999. At the same time, its 32-inch LED TV model has been priced at Rs 8,999.

Both of these smart TVs of Nobel Skiodo come with better connectivity features. At the same time, both new TVs come in the market with already installed YouTube, web browser and Twitter .

Noble Skiodo Smartlite LED TV FEATURES

Now at features side both of the 24-inch (NB24YT01) and 32-inch (NB32YT01) resolution is 1280×720 pixels. Their speakers give a sound output of 20W. Other features are two HDMI ports and one USB port are given. Apart from this, customized back light setting has also been given which can save electricity.

These cheap TVs with tremendous features will be available from April 1. Both smartlite LED TV will be sold on Flipkart. Let me tell you that in the beginning of this month, the company had launched a 39-inch TV, which costs Rs 13,990.

If you look at the cheap TV market these days, the market is growing rapidly. Companies such as Vu and Xiaomi are focusing on the range of affordable TVs to increase their reach in the market. Meanwhile, small companies like Noble Skiodo are also trying to make their place in the market with strong features in a lower price.

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