Nicholas Kyriacopoulos: 3 Top Digital Marketing Strategies that Work

Being successful in any line of business today requires understanding how to harness the power of digital marketing. Over the last three decades, some approaches have appeared, done well for a time, and then fell out of use. Others have adapted as technology advanced and remain robust solutions that can be utilized in all sorts of settings.

As a business professional who started out with little and has accrued a lot, Nicholas Kyriacopoulos knows a thing or two about digital marketing strategies that work. Here are three of the top solutions that you should incorporate into your marketing plans at once.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a resource that will permeate every aspect of your digital marketing effort. Simply put, SEO is the responsible use of relevant keywords and key phrases that allow Internet users to conduct searches and discover pages with information about your business.

SEO is used in multiple ways. It can be included in the descriptions of pages where your information is found. You want SEO to be part of reviews, posts on social media, and certainly your company blog and website. If you’re a guest poster on a site, use of SEO provides a reason for search engines to place those pages higher in the rankings for those keywords.

As Nicholas Kyriacopoulos will point out, more keyword usage doesn’t necessarily mean higher rankings. Keywords must blend naturally into the content at all times. Gratuitous use can actually lead to penalties and lower placement in search engine results.

How do you identity relevant keywords? Professionals like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos often utilize tools offered by the major search engines. An SEO expert can also aid in identifying relevant keywords and how to use them properly.

Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t going anywhere soon. Even as some sites slow down in terms of the accumulation of new users, their audiences and reach remain impressive. You can bet that making sure your business has a presence on the major sites is one approach Nicholas Kyriacopoulos recommends to include in your digital marketing strategy.

Business pages and accounts make it easy to prepare posts that include links back to the other elements in your online effort. Posts also have the benefit of being highly shareable. As you collect followers or fans, they in turn can share your posts and even links to your pages with those in their networks. This type of passive digital marketing has the potential to expand your reach, grow your base, and ultimately generate greater revenues.

One thing that Nicholas Kyriacopoulos would caution about the use of social media is to keep it consistent and on target. Use the accounts to promote products, build your reputation, and possibly entertain as you inform. You also want to create posts based on some sort of schedule. That keeps people engaged and more likely to visit your pages.

Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the use of relevant and informative content to engage those who are looking for what your business has to offer. As Nicholas Kyriacopoulos would point out, the content must offer something of value. If not, the reader will quickly turn away and may not return. The flip side is that good content keeps the reader on the page, increases the odds of clicking on the links, and could lead to the reader sharing your pages with others.

Content marketing may focus on website content. It also focuses on blog posts and writing articles for publication on sites that aren’t yours. This form of marketing can also include preparing and offering eBooks, white papers, and webinars for download.

As with offline content, online content needs to be freshened on a regular basis. Many professionals like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos recommend revisiting older content within a year to two years after the original publication and attempting to enhance it in some way. This is done even while adding new posts and content on a recurring basis. Digital marketing remains a dynamic element in business success that will continue to evolve. Given his past experience, Nicholas Kyriacopoulos is certain that these three approaches will remain productive in the years to come. Contact a professional who can assess your current online marketing efforts and help improve them. The return is well worth the cost.

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