My racing bets: how to improve betting on horses

Plenty of the country’s horse racing fans choose to bet on the biggest race meetings, making it even more exciting even when the race you’re watching isn’t all too appetising. Despite the rising number in bookmaker betting markets and far more accessibility over the races you can bet on, winning bets continues to be a difficult challenge, with it seeming harder to come up with horse racing tips that stand a chance of winning.

What can I do to enhance my racing tips?

One of the first things to consider when you’re placing a bet on horse racing is whether you’re backing it with the correct betting market. It’s easy to back horses to win, as it’s extremely straightforward and there’s no complex variables that come with it, but it doesn’t mean that every horse you fancy is most effective in winning the race you’re betting on. If this is the case, it would be better to back them to place, with each-way betting working in instances where you see a horse finishing in the top few places even if they can’t win.

Another way to capitalise on the many other betting markets includes things like Lucky 15 betting, which allows you to back four high-priced horse tips with the chance to take some winnings even if they don’t all win. You can also improve betting each-way by backing specialised place markets rather than simply backing your chosen horse-each way, where the price won’t be a fraction of the original odds depending on where they place, instead being set to a margin of the odds for the same horse to win as long as it finishes within each-way positions.

How will I boost my racing odds?

Plenty of factors affect the odds that you’re able to take from betting on horse racing. The first thing to do when you’ve identified a horse that you expect will win in a chosen race is back it early. This is often referred to as betting ante post, and it’s a way of backing your bet with the largest set of odds before the price goes lower through other punters backing it and any alteration in odds which come from that horse winning other races in the build-up.

Each bookmaker provides their own pricing on horses to win their respective races, allowing for you to shop around for the biggest odds before depositing and placing your bet. This is a typical activity that punters do before they bet on horse racing, and it can make a massive difference to your potential returns, especially if you’re only backing a horse single, as it means that your bet rests on the odds from the one horse you’re betting on.

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