After Much Waiting Nevada Governor Approved E-Sports Bill

Last weekend turned out to be a good day for the Nevada people. It was stated that Nevada Governor, Mr. Brian Sandoval signed a bill, regarding the law which legalizes eSports betting events. This calls for a cause of celebration for the gambling world, as they are all able to try their luck around here. It is not just great news for the Nevada people, but also for the gambling industry, as a one. This change is going to be a revolutionary one and can call for great economic changes on a global platform.

More on the latest changes:

The current Senate Bill 240 extends the chosen state laws in effects on the sports wagering to the eSports event. This is going to be a newly-signed bill, which will help in modifying the present Nevada statutes, which have to do with the pari-mutuel betting services. These are now to be included into the world of competitive gaming. This is likely to be the addition alongside the awards shows, like The Oscars.

However, nowhere in this revised text can you find the term “esports.”  But, still, this report can be referred as “the eSports betting bill.” Instead, the said language of the SB 240 primarily refers to the term “other events,” which has been associated with the present list of pari-mutuel wagering activities. This includes athletic sports, dog racing, horsing and similar such programs.

However, some recent newsfeeds have recently stated that eSports wagering has already been made a part of the Nevada regulators in the current Las Vegas Sports books. This new law is set to get into effect from July 1st. After this rule comes into action; everyone has the right to bet on almost everything he or she wants. This is definitely going to widen the horizon to a new extent completely.

Straight from the NGC:

Under this new law, the Nevada Gaming Commission might issue licenses, which will permit the mode of pari-mutuel wagering. This license comprises of off track pari-mutuel and modification or adopting regulations to the current modalities. On the other hand, NGC might even adopt, amend and repeal some of the regulations, well associated with the conduct of wagering. It further helps in providing regulators with the power to appoint 11-person “off track pari mutual wagering committee” license. This helps in engaging in some of the pari-mutuel wagering of off track.

More from the bill:

Apart from the points mentioned already, the bill was also known to state that NCG might require license for fingerprinting and background information, associated with the antecedents.  The NGC has been given the power to demand access and inspect all records and books of a person, who is licensed pursuant to chapter, affecting the subject of license.

It was in November 2016, when William Hill plc and Downtown grand casino received proper approval to offer betting on chosen eSports. It became the only and first sports books with e-sports. It was not just the only one in Nevada, but covering the whole of the US. But, it was not until now that eSports has been recognized officially as part of statewide law.

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