MotoGp Star, Mr. Valentino Rossi Survived The Training Accident And Went Back Home Friday

Everyone knows that participating in MotoGP is not that easy and it calls for some specialized and hardcore training procedures, to be honest. And accidents can take place anytime of the day, without any prior notice. Therefore, you can see some dreadful accident news, covering the sports segment of newspapers and e-news channels. One such news recently flashed with the training accident of MotoGP star, Mr. Valentino Rossi. However, after going through some treatments, he was later discharged from the hospital, located in Rimini, where he was treated for his accident. His Yamaha team notified this news on Friday, which definitely turns out to be good news for his fans.

More about the accident and his recovery:

Valentino Rossi is a 38 year old Italian racer, who suffered stomach and chest injuries in this motocross training accident. This dreadful scenario took place at Mindavio, which is in Pesaro Urbina and near Rimini. It took place on Thursday, after which he was admitted to the nearly hospital quickly. As he was taken to hospital immediately, therefore; he misses out on any dreadful results eventually.

The recent statement from Yamaha states that Valentino Rossi returned home from “Ospedale Infermi”, which is located in Rimini. And he was only sent back home by the doctors after going through successful routine diagnostic tests. These were scheduled to take place on Friday afternoon and the doctor waited for the results to come. After that, he was given the green signal to leave the hospital and directly to his house.

More from the attending doctors:

The attending doctors to Mr. Rossi confirmed the findings and even shared the same in the medical bulletin on Friday morning. It was around 5:30 pm, when Rossi left the hospital and head back home. He is known to have won the world champion a total of nine times, which clearly shows his passion towards this sports. The staff members accompanied him and later he was safely deported to his place for complete rest.

Rest is required:

Well, yes, he might have survived the accident with stomach and chest crash, but it might have turned into some serious issues, if things went out of his hands. It is always mandatory to take complete care and look into the safety norms even if it was nothing more than a practice or training session, and Rossi formed the perfect example of what can happen.

Even though he might have left hospital now, but doctors recommended him to take bed rest for a couple of more days. They were clearly heard stating that Rossi will continue the current recovery process in his surroundings. Rest is the only cure with medical help, as presented by the nursing doctor.

Rossi crashed out of French Grand Prix, which took place at Le Mans on last lap, the previous weekend. That let him handed the victory to the teammate Maverich Vinales. He lies third in the standings of the world championship, which is nothing short than a credit itself. With little rest, he will be back in business with renewed energy and valor.

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