After Four Months Petra Kvitova Finally Returns To The Tennis Court

After the horrendous knife attack, Petra Kvitova finally returns to the tennis court after four long months. She is the two-time Wimbledon champion, and finally returned to her favorite sport ground on Tuesday. This incident took place more than four months prior, when she was badly hurt her left hand in a knife attack. This was no doubt a dreadful time of her life, but she was strong enough to overcome it, as soon as possible. Well, yes, it took her a little more than four months, but she is back in game, right now.

Hitting the tennis court:

27 years olds tennis star finally posted her picture on social media channels, where she was seen hitting a ball on practice court, located in Monaco. She posted this picture on her Facebook account. below the picture, she commented how happy she is to be back where she belongs, and express her feelings to her fans and followers, around the world.

She was the Wimbledon champion from 2011 and 2014 and even the bronze medalist from the current Rio Olympics. She even said that she was back in Monaco and will always be back on the tennis court, and hitting some of the proper balls. From the picture, it can be seen that she was not just happy but also in good form, after the attack. This attack was no doubt a traumatic experience of her life, but she manages to get over it in the simplest manner possible.

Suffered from some threatening injuries:

Well, that knife attack was nothing short of a dangerous incident and PEtra Kvitova really suffered from some career threatening injuries out there. These were on her playing hand. it all happened when she fought a knife wielding intruder, while getting back at her home, located at the eastern part of the Czech town in the month of December.

At that time, she was ranking on the 15th position in the world. According to the doctors, who were checking her up, she would not be able to return to any form of competition, before the second half of year. This was quite disheartening news for her and she could not come up with it. But, it was her mental strength and the ability to overcome any challenges, which made her successful in this matter, as well.

Included in French open:

Her name was included on entry list last week for the famous and much waited French open. It is going to run from May 28th to June 11th. However, this does not state that she is going to play in Paris soon. But, this game has some time in hand, within which, she is going to practice her moves and try to perfect her skills. Those four months were tough, and she was out of gaming practices for real. So, getting back to the same winning streak might be a bit difficult for her. But, if you check out her mental strength, then it won’t be long when she might be ruling the tennis world just as she used to do, few years back.

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