Following New Trends in Marketing

New techniques, trends and innovative technologies are most probably going to have a considerable impact on businesses in 2018. These impacts can vary based on the industry or your business.  Those who are already in the marketing fields know how it is essential to update their operations and online marketing strategies. Lucky Pants Bingo is one leading online bingo site in UK that is always striving to follow the latest online marketing trends in its constantly evolving environment. Thus, Lucky Pants Bingo is a highly effective website and an essential part of its online marketing strategy. To follow in their footstep of digital transformation, you can simply go through the below tips.

According to Charles Darwin, only species that can adapt to changes in their environment can survive, and you don’t necessarily need to have strength to succeed in doing so. In the current digital age, platforms and strategies are swiftly evolving and consumers are shifting to channels that were not available in the past. Thus, the modern marketing executive must be quite agile to achieve their marketing goals. The job of the marketer is to communicate the ideal message during the numerous stages of the funnel, raise loyalty and brand awareness, drive customer engagement and awareness, plus implement measures that can lead to new conversions and sales.

The root cause of most unsuccessful marketing campaigns is the talent gap. It is mainly due to the inappropriate interpretation of consumer data, use of wrong budget, and spending techniques for ads that are no longer effective. Thus, acquiring new skills is essential in the digital marketing field, especially for less-experienced and younger marketers. To make their marketing effort more effective as per their budget, practitioners can improve their skills in growing areas like omnichannel integration, customisation/personalisation, location targeting, in-store marketing, SEO, programmatic, social marketing, mobile, analytics, and content marketing.

Social Marketing is mostly as a marketing strategy with a high ROI and low-cost approach. One of its main tactic is to advertise stories on the News Feed section of Facebook to gain the attention of the audience.  Most of the time, this approach includes the action of directly going to social media sites by side-stepping publishers to gain more exposure. Another emerging method is to provide social media users with special offers to promote the services and products of the brand. These can be in the form of loyalty points, discounts, bonuses or even cash.

Video Marketing, commonly known as vlogging in the YouTube jargon is the technique of marketing via videos. Back in 2014, a vlogger installed a camera on the back of his dog to have a better understanding of how his pet behaves when he is not around. This caught the attention of the audience, who were also eager and curious to know the outcome of his experience. And in no time, the video went viral. As you can see, it’s not always a big fat budget that can market your product, but rather a brilliant creative idea is what can make your product become visible, even with a low production cost.

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