F.C. Barcelona Midfielder Retires From His International Football

The famous midfielder from F.C. Barcelona retires from the realm of international Football. Wow, that’s some news to wake up to! Arda Turan was recently the focal point of an allegation of a sudden bust up with journalists during the Turkey’s flight from Monday’s friendly one against Macedonia.

Now, recent newsfeed has reported that Arda Turan called curtains on his high end international career, which was definitely the result of this heated confrontation with the said journalist. This kind of dire step is something new in the world of sports and has taken the entire football arena by surprise. This step was something, which was not at all expected from a master player like Turan.

More about the fight and decision:

Turan is a 30 year old midfielder and was the main culprit in the allegations of bust-up with journalist. It was reported and even seen that he was in a serious clash with Bilal Mese, a reporter, on the same flight. When Turan saw him in the same plane, he was outraged and grabbed him by this throat. Not only did he grab him, but also started shouting towards him.

After this confrontation, the mid fielder from Barcelona slammed media on his Instagram account. He was quoted stating in this social media platform that media people are slander, lies and are always ignoring people’s family values and dignity. This was one serious confrontation, which you can come across easily these days.

Later, on Tuesday he revealed that he’s done with the national team and his time is over. He was even quoted as saying that bad things happened the previous night, but he is not at all regretful for the same. However, he now feels at ease. He even had a talk with not just the coach but also the federation president, where he slammed his decision of quitting the national team. He even said that he is not willing to play against Kosovo.

For the false news:

After he revealed his retirement from the team, he further hit back to the media. He clearly stated that his reaction will be same in future as well, against those reporters known to publicize false news. He can never forget what the news did to him or his playmates. So, anger towards these reporters is quite common for him. He was even heard quoting that he speaks as a man on behalf of his national team in all the categories possible. He loves his jersey and country, more than anything. But, still he took the decision of ending his career as a player of national team.

Arda played for Atletico Madrid too and featured nearly 97 times for the senior team of Turkey. He made his debut in the year 2016, August against Luxembourg. This track record clearly shows what a great player he was. But, he clearly decided to jump right into the conclusion and leave his national career now. This decision was enough to turn the entire football industry upside down, but at least Turan is happy.

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