EuroMillions Offers The Best Package Tour To Japan For The Mega Week Winners

EuroMillions is now making some exclusive deals for the lottery players in UK. Now, the players are soon going to win the opportunity to plan for a much-awaited and once in a lifetime opportunity to Japan. It is mainly due to the three big prizes, which are up for them to grab right now. These prizes are associated with each one of the Mega Week Millionaire Maker Draws, which are likely to take place on 23rd may Tuesday and 26th May Friday.

Apart from this amazing deal already mentioned above, each winner of the Millionaire maker is going to receive a proper cash prize of an amount of 1 million pound. That means, after enjoying the amazing Japanese experience right now, they are also going to be in an enviable position to return home with a great and bigger bank balance; more than what they have imagined.

More about the holiday package:

Each one of the holiday packages will be for the winner and a guest. So, it comprises of a journey, meant for two people. It will begin with the luxury transfer to the nearest possible international airport. It will fly to Tokyo Haneda Airport. These flights are meant for the business class and transfers will also be provided straight from airport to the chosen 5-star Ritz Carlton Hotel, located in Tokyo. Here, the winners get the opportunity to spend 5 luxurious nights and enjoy the scene more than anything else.

Number of activities waiting:

While their stay in Tokyo, the winner along with the guests will be able to enjoy some of the most amazing entertainment and activities. It will include a stretch limousine tour of capital, Sumo wrestler lunch and even a meal at the famous Sky Restaurant 634. On the other hand, this package further comprises of a day trip to the amazing Mount Fuji or even the Tokyo Disneyland, whichever is in the package.

Other than the amazing stay and the lucrative activities mentioned, there are some more for you to work on. The winners with the guests will be able to enjoy a private Geisha dinner along with a separate boat trip, meant for them only.

The final nights:

After that, the final four nights are likely to be spent at Ritz Carlton Hotel, located in Osaka. Apart from that, the winners are even going to enjoy a private tour of the street food along with a meal at Hajime. After that, they will get the opportunity to visit the famous Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. Everyone would like to experience such matters at least once in their lifetime, and you might want to be in that category now. So, without wasting time further, it is time for you to pack your bags and wait for the winning streak.

All you have to do is just wait for your luck to turn towards betterment and win a trip of this Megs Week EuroMillions game. It is set for the two dates, and make sure to point those out, as well. The jackpot is definitely worth 68 million pounds.

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