Enjoy A World Tour This Year For A Mere Price Of $1280

In case, you have always dreamt about navigating the globe, than you have your golden chance now. On May 18th, 2017, the well-known Airfare Spot announced the airfare sale around the world for an amount of $1280. Well, you have to be hurry, as there are limited period offers here, and you don’t want to miss this chance. You are not the only one, who would like to take this opportunity for a great world tour, as there are millions others.  So, pack your bags and hurry up to be that lucky adventurer, right away.

Itinerary and more:

The itinerary of this plan is basically linked up with multiple ultra-cheap flight deals. It comprises of some stops in major destinations, which are scattered across the four major continents. So, when it says world tour, this airfare has not been joking! And all these are available within a mere amount of $1280! Yes, this amount might seem too much for people, but when it comes to world tour within this amount then you are always on the right track!

To take help of this major advantage, all you have to do is just free your calendar from October 11 to October 27th. Before you plunge into this package and make the investment, try to learn a bit more about the tour first.

Starting from the first flight:

The primary flight is going to be a non-stop trip, starting from the Norwegian Air Shuttle. It will take $182 and will depart from New York City’s International Airport. And this flight will take off on October 11. This flight will arrive in London the next day and on the same time. Here, travelers are likely to get two full days for exploring the city and even enjoy some of the free attractions of London.

After that, on October 15th, this trip will take them to Dubai, costing not more than $160 with a short stop in Istanbul. This trip is further going to last for 2 days. Here, you will get the chance to admire the city right form the tallest building or can even shop for the souvenirs for your family, back at home. Well, do not forget to spend a romantic evening in desert, surrounded by stars and sand dunes for an enriching experience of lifetime.

Next part of the itinerary:

For the next part, you will go for the long haul trip to the land of Sydney. This will require you to make some stops in Kochi, India and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here, you are likely to spend almost four days for exploring Australian, before you can get to your flight to Honolulu on October 23rd. this trip is going to cost you something around $268.

As you are traveling backward across multiple time zones, therefore; you will enjoy full two days on the cosmopolitan place of Oahu. After that, you can easily take a flight back to your previous spot New York, which is going to cost you not more than $342. Be sure to not miss out this opportunity for an amazing world tour of all time.

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