England Beat Venezuela In U-20 FIFA World Cup By 1-0

The game of FIFA is more like an addiction, these days. You will come across so many people, and all of them are so happy with a round of football, under the world’s championship. Football is basically not for any particular age’s liking. Even the youngsters are trying to grow passion towards this game, and majority of them are participating, as well. They are part of the U-20 game, which shows the importance of this particular sport among youngsters. Well, when it comes to FIFA U-20 world cup, you will be glad to know that England won the title by beating Venezuela in 1-0 win.

More about the game:

It was the fist-half goal from England’s side, which made it win the entire Football tournament against Venezuela. This goal was from none other than Dominic Calvert-Lewin, which marks the win for England in this year, 2017. This is a proud moment for not just the young team, but for the entire nation. And it is not quite hard to state that some great and famous future football players are now here, willing to take the bright step towards future forward with these gaming ventures.

The Under 20 world cup final of 2017 took place at Suwon World Cup Stadium, which took place on Sunday. And this was the first global title for England since 1966.

When the game turned:

Well, you cannot deny the fact that Everton striker made quite a difference, even though goalkeeper Freddie Woodman tried saving a second half penalty, straight from Adalber to Penaranda. It was during that instance when the South Americans piled pressure in entertaining and open clash, when both teams hit woodwork.

England tried and made most of running on first half, even though Venezuela looked quite dangerous in some of the attacking areas now. You will be amazed with the options, related to this segment now.

More from the European team:

It was the European team, which had first chance when Dominic Solanke took proper advantage of defensive slip for entering penalty area. However, with only the goalkeeper in the way, Liverpool Striker did not come up with clean contact and just shot against the leg of WuilkerFarinez. It was nearly 10 minutes later, when AdemolaLookman forced for an amazing acrobatic save straight away from Farinez with drive outside area.

It was moments later when Venezuela came a bit closer. The amazing free kick from Ronaldo Lucenawas from above 30 meters and beat surprised Woodman, but could not make the last save. It bounced off the post, making it a terrible miss at that point of the game.

The amazing goal:

Just 10 minutes before the break, Calvert-Lewis broke the much awaited deadlock. He is a well-known forwarder and beat defender to free kick, straight from Lewis Cook. He was known to have his first shot, saved straight by Farinez and then he reacted quickly to it. He reacted to put rebound over line from close range.

Well, this game was no doubt quite an exciting one, but the final smile was reserved for the England players.

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