Spicy conversation between daughter and her mother, who returned at home after honeymoon. Viral Video

New Delhi: Generation gap in relationships is something that many things keep in mind. Due to the difference of this generation, many sons do not talk more than their father. Sometimes a daughter does not share many things with her mother. But the video you are about to watch here has broken this old concept of the Generation Gap.

This video contains a mother who has a daughter, and both are sitting in the drawing room. Daughter’s new marriage has happened. She return at his mother home after enjoying honeymoon. Her husband has gone out somewhere, he is about to come back a little later. The daughter is sitting in the drawing room adjacent to the kitchen with her mother. Guests are about to reach at home, so the mother is also engaged in work with maid.

Daughter started to tell her mother about the experience of her honeymoon, but the way of expressing her experience about honeymoon is so spicy that’s why people are like very much this video. This is the reason why more than 10 million people have seen this video so far. This video has been uploaded to YouTube by Blush.

The script of this video is written by Asanga Seeda and Radhika Anand. More than 1 million people have seen this video in just 4 days. In fact, in this video, the daughter tells the mother that life should live on its own terms. There are many more things in this video you must see …

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