Dance that seen on YouTube by more than 3,432,082,530 viewers

If you are asked what is the YouTube ?  Then you will say the place to watch the video. Your answer is not wrong, but if it is said that YouTube is the ocean of video from around the world in which new records are being made daily. Most of the videos reach millions or even millions and give up. But this time a video has surfaced that has left lakhs and crores a lot behind. This video has been watched by more than three billion people worldwide. And the number of those who see it every day is increasing.

This video was uploaded to YouTube in the month of January this year. Since then, in just 8 months, the number of people watching it crossed 3 billion. These videos are increasingly counting the number of viewers of Despicuto of Louis Fonsei and Daddy Yankee. Prior to this video, the list of the most watched videos included the name of Vij Khalifa and song “Sea You Again” from Charlie Path.

About a month ago, Vij Khalifa and Charlie Pull’s songs, See You Again, got the number one spot behind Korean pop star Spy’s superhit song Gangnam Style. See You Again song was prepared for the film Fast and Furious 7.

Earlier in 2012, the Korean rapper PSY’s Gangnam Style song also hit the tube. The insanity of this song was so shocking on the people that it started shaking people’s feet when listening to it. But now this thing has become obsolete. The eb is the time of Despituto and it is the same thing on all sides. If you talk about today, Despitio at the first place on YouTube, you can see another again and the Gangnam Style of PSY at number three.

You also see what this video of Despituto is special

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