Some Cool Summer Foods To Beat The Sultry Weather

As the mercury level seems to rise to a new high this summer, it seems to have completely drained you out. The temperature has been high and running more than what you have expected. Along with that, too much of humidity is adding up to the pain. The levels of humidity have been fluctuating between 70 to 80%, which is more than what you have anticipated. Most of you might feel dehydrated and with lower energy level.

During such instances, looking for ways to cool yourself is the first hand priority. Adding cool summer foods in your diet can prove to be a great start each day, and will provide you with the energy to fight back summer sultry weather.

Adding yogurt in your diet:

Well, the cooling effect of yogurt is something, which you can never compensate with other food. But, here, yogurt means the plain one and not the sweet yogurt. There are so many different types of yummy drinks, which you can make out of it. From the chilled spicy buttermilk to any mix of shredded cucumber and yogurt, you can definitely add these in your diet, just to keep your inside cool and free from these summer days.

If you want, you can even add some fruits to it for that wholesome and yummy dessert for the entire family. The amazing functions of yogurt will not just cool your inside but can make you fill full for long.

Go for the inexpensive coconut water:

It is not that hard to beat summer months when you have fresh coconut water, right in front of you. This drink is naturally cool and procured from multiple vendors, selling coconut. This drink is laden with electrolytes, simple sugars and even some essential minerals, which are designed to keep your body well hydrated.

On the other hand, there are certain evidences found in modern research, which clearly shows that coconut water is known to fight cancer along with some of the anti-ageing properties, to go with it.

Try incorporating watermelon:

Just like coconut and yogurt, you can try indulging into watermelon for keeping your inside cool. However, avoid buying those chopped watermelons from the roadside vendors. That might cause some infections like diarrhea, as you never know when the fruits have been chopped. So, to avoid all these problems, you can buy a complete watermelon from the market and chop it at home.

Other than cooling your body, this fruit is known to have some antioxidant properties, which can make your body free from toxic. You can either have it in chunks or can blend it in juicer to get that pure juice out of it. Have it with few pieces of ice and you are ready to beat the heat.

Always try for fresh products:

During summer months, it is always mandatory to try fresh products, whether fruits or any kind of vegetables. Cut down spice intake as that can warm up your interior and not quite good for summer months. So, make sure to get these food items in your list for fighting against the summer.

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