Arsenal Failed To Reach The Top Due To Amazing Teams Like Liverpool And Manchester City

Even after trying hard, Arsenal failed to qualify for the much awaited Champion League. And this was the first time in a time of 20 years after Liverpool and Manchester City wrapped up the remaining four spots on final page of the league season. Well, it can be well-stated that Arsene Wenger’s torrid year definitely reaches for the calamitous climax, when Arsenal failed to get qualified for the Champion League. Wenger’s side won against Everton with a final score board of 3-1, but it was the Liverpool’s 3-0 victory, which changed the table completely. It was also the 5-0 demolition of Manchester City, which finally pushed Arsenal out of this elite Premier league.

More on the news:

It was after reaching Champions league for the chosen last 19 seasons, that Arsenal spent the current term trekking around unglamorous outposts of the chosen Europa league. Well, recent studies have come to the conclusion that this indignity is likely to cost Arsenal an estimated of 50 million pounds in revenue. It can further increase the said pressure of Wenger, the Gunners boss, who ensured miserable fail this season with his resignation call and fan protests from around the multiple corners.

The Frenchman still is set to reveal if he is willing to sign the papers and extend 21 year reign. But, he is said to finish season with nothing but silverware as Arsenal is set to face Chelsea next Saturday for the FA Cup Final.

That won’t be of much help:

Even though FA cup final is around the corner but that won’t help in quelling the mutinous surrounding among some of the Arsenal supporters. For them, they truly believe that Wenger might have lost his edge and it’s time for him to retire out of this genre. But, Wenger has something else to say. For him, this matter is nothing but frustrating, as he has given his best shot till the end.

He is even seen claiming that the total points of Arsenal group are quite decent if anyone cares to check the records for the past couple of years. It was Hector Bellerin, who put Arsenal a bit ahead when it was 8th minute. However, when Laurent Koscielny came back after 6 minutes, it gave rise to some challenge on Valencia, than Wenger feared the most.

Increased the advantage:

It was Alexis Sanchez, who increased the advantage of this team in the 27th minute. However, this period does not last for long when Everton’s Lukaku reduced deficit with 58th minute penalty. From this time onwards, the results were a bit clear and it was pretended to be conspired against the leader Wenger.

Furthermore, Aaron Ramsey got the third of Arsenal. However, his team condemned to finish fifth as Liverpool eased into Champions League now for the first time ever since the match of 2014-15. A lot of changes took place in between the games, which made others quite strong in this segment. so, eve after Arsenal played its heart out, still it misses the final spots in Champion league, which was nothing short than unfortunate.

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