Alexa Chung Reveals Her New Collection For The British Edition Of The Vogue

There are multiple fashion designers, up with new ideas and developments on a monthly scale, these days. It is due to the hard competitive ground, which they have to be a part of. Well, one such famous name, which is popping up nowadays, is that of Alexa Chung. And now, she is up here with her new line of fashion collections for the new Vogue of the British Edition. So, if you are looking for some new fashion statements, then you better keep your eyes wide open for something new and special from her side.

More about the new collection:

Alexa Chung is all set to start her publicity drive for the new fashion centric brand, she is about to explore. And she started this earlier this week. Here, she was seen launching a new website and teased a video, which shows just three pieces from the major and much-awaited upcoming collection. Those are bright yet subtle, fashionable yet simple. So, if you are looking for something to change in your wardrobe, now this might be the right time to do so.

Introducing it in Vogue:

Well, now you can see Alexa in Vogue, and fronting the British edition of June’s magazine. She is now giving her fans from all over the world, a better look at the much awaited collection from her side. And those are likely to be unveiled on 30th may in its full closure. In the Vogue magazine, she was found wearing a gold sequined beret and Breton top by other designers. It was under the direction of Lucinda Chambers, the fashion director and Mario Testino took the picture.

Inside the magazine, models are highlighting some of the pieces from eponymous label, which even includes a crochet tank top. This top is layered with sequin tulle maxi dress, which is styled in collaboration with Chambers. It has some pieces on it from Prada, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, and even the Diane von Furstenberg. You can even come across some of her vintage finds straight from the London emporium, known as Beyond Retro and some lingerie collections from Agent Provocateur.

For a picture perfect look:

Just to make the British edition eye catching, Sam McKnight styles Alexa’s hairdo and it was Val Garland’s responsibility to take care of her makeup. Their hard work pays off and she was seen giving that textural and sultry looks throughout the magazine. And some pictures have been taken in a bathroom of a suite at Dorchester Hotel in London.

However, her collection received more focus in second shoot, which was captured by Oliver Hadlee Pearch and this was styled by Verity Parker. Chung is also known to be a contributing editor of this magazine and describes her new collection as “just the start.” In this collection, she is offering some of the new collections and even said that she would love to open her own independent shop one day. When she was asked about the time, she clearly said maybe after five years in this business. To know more about her latest collections, stay glued to the British edition of The Vogue.

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