5 reasons the way you hold your phones can be harmful in the long run

Cell phones have seen a drastic increase in their popularity over the past few years. No matter where we are, everyone around seems to have a phone in their hands. Even young kids are addicted to cell phones and this is a red flag.

Phones and hand-held devices have made our lives easier and enabled us to have quick communication and access to information. However, it does come with a price that we may be unaware. Just the simple act of holding a phoneis dangerous and following are few reasons why:

  1. Neck pain

We keep checking our phone every 2 minutes, in anticipation of a message or just a notification. What this does is that it makes us look down constantly which ultimately hurts our neck. We might not view this as a big worry, but because we hold our phones at not an exact eye angle, we are straining our neck. This has become such a prevalent issue that the condition has gotten its own medical name, Text Neck. As our neck is not supposed to be in a tilted position this frequently, holding our phones below our eye level causes neck pain and even leads to shoulder conditions andbackaches.

  1. Hand cramps

Seldom do we keep a strict track on the time we spend on our phones. We usually are so engrossed in surfing the net or just checking our Facebook timeline that we fail to realize that we have been holding our phones for such an extendedperiod. This causes soreness as our hand stays in one position. Moreover, it also leads to inflammation and tendon issues that could cause serious discomfort and pain.

  1. It strains the eyes

Most people hold their phones not far away from their eyes as they are not mindful of how harmful the act is. For extended periods, holding a phone at such proximity could strain one’s eyes and lead to severe problems if not addressed.

Multiple studies suggest that the light emitted from phone screens, or blue light, can cause retinal damage. In addition, due to holding our phones at such a narrow distance, our long-distance focus is affected because our eyes are more attuned to focusing on things at a short distance.

  1. Disturbed Sleep cycle

Many of us are guilty of using our phones right before we sleep. In the comfort of our beds, we hold the phones close to our eyes and try to use it until we doze off. This might seem innocuous, but it is one of the leading causes of poor sleep cycles. The quality and the quantity of one’s sleep is influenced by this and leads to the deteriorationof health.

LCDs emit blue light and our eyes are accustomed to absorbing it in the day, from the sun. When we are subjected to it at nighttime by using our phone, and that too at such a close distance, it disrupts the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and eventually, leads to one staying up way past their bedtime. Lack of sleep has been dubbed as a catalyst for multiple health issues including anxiety and depression.

  1. Harmful to babies

Everyone is so addicted to their phones that no matter what activity they are involved in, they would still be on their phones. One such instance is that of a mother breastfeeding her baby. Yes, the task gets mundane, but it needs to be realized that breastfeeding also promotes a bond between a mother and her child.

Making eye contact with the baby is crucial, but often moms are holding their phones while breastfeeding and hence, miss this connection. There is also a chance that they may not notice if their child is latching properly or not. Not being able to strike a bond could lead to future issues in the relationship between the mother and the child.


There is no need to throw away your phones and boycott it completely as they are a source of profound convenience. However, it is high time that we are cautious of our usage of the technology. When we are holding our phones, we should be sure that it is not too close to our eyes and that we take constant breaks from it so that we do not strain our eyes, neck, hands,and back. Being cautious today will benefit us so better keep a check on your screen time today! Happy surfing!

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